Tricks to improve your sex life

As time passes by, almost everything becomes boring. Isn’t it? Well, the same happens with sex life. Familiarity is the ultimate death of sex drive. The fact is, the more you get used to someone, the less exciting sex becomes. However, there are numerous tips to improve your sex life!

Read on to find them out and apply them to your sex life right away!

  • Talk

Studies state that the couples who speak about sex have a better sex life. The math here is simple- you don’t ask, you don’t get. Communicating with one another can help both of you to know more about each other. Let your partner know what and when you want!

  • Get out of your bedroom

This might sound kinky, but why do you want to wait until you hit the bed? A good sex sesh begins with slight sensual touches. There are lots of non-sexual touches that can elevate the mood to hit anytime, anywhere. Holding hands, hugging, or cuddling around your house can get you a chance to get intimate. Doing this will even strengthen your bond and increase the love and trust.

  • Creativity is what you need

It does not have to be the same every time. There are enormous ways to take your sex life to the next level. And the best of it involves massages, toys, teases, dirty talk, using different types of condoms that your partner likes, and new positions and locations. Pay attention to this. If things get boring, you can always work on it!

  • Be a sport

Intimacy does not mean that you need to hide things from your partner. Studies state that couples who discuss and make fun of embarrassing moments are franker. Praises during sex motivate your partner and give immense satisfaction.

  • Tease your partner

The trick here is to pleasure yourself in front of your partner. By doing this, you let your partner witness what and how you enjoy it. Seeing you in pleasure can instantly create and build your partner’s mood and encourage intimacy. If you love adventures, you can always use toys and let your partner control them!

  • Foreplay is a must

Mental foreplay is the best category of foreplay. Talking dirty, flirting, or complimenting sets a romantic environment. Eye contact and sensual touches are the ones that can create your mood before you hit your bedroom.

  • Stop sticking to night

If you notice your partner uninterested in the night, try morning sex. There are huge benefits of morning sex. If your partner is not comfortable in the morning, try in the afternoon. While the male testosterone level stays at the peak in the morning and the female hormone stays at the peak in the afternoon, you can try any of these times of the day as one or both of you will be ready instead of nights when both are exhausted.


Improving your sex life does not involve doing anything difficult. This guide involves few effective sex tips and small tweaks with which you can spice up your bedroom game super quick.

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