There are so many festivals that go un-celebrated. So many inaugurations that go undone. So many smiles that go unfelt. The race of life has made us all empty of feelings and awareness of ourselves. We have become the robot that our work-life needs to constantly keep working. We earn, but do not have the time to spend. We work, but do not have the time to review. We care, but do not have the time to show.

When we have earned enough, we set goals. Goals like, first, I will pay my rent. Then, I will buy a car. Then, I will buy my own house. After buying my own house, I will furnish it with the best furniture available in the market. But, do we know anything about that furniture? No. All that we know is that it is expensive and everybody is going to buy it so again, we become a part of the race we have been running from.

We don’t know what we require, we don’t know what we need. All we know is what we want and that is also based on other’s needs. We tend to forget the importance of furniture time and again. Furniture is something that makes your home, home. It’s not that paint, it’s not those walls or that wooden floor, it’s your furniture that is going to make you feel comfortable and snuggly, that is going to make you feel peace when you have come home after a long, tiring day.


There are two types of health that if left unattended, can take your life away from you. Mental health and physical health, together form your body and the wealth that your body carries. If even one sulks, your body will not be able to produce the level of output that is needed to be produced. Here, the furniture that you have at your home plays a major role in providing you with the bliss of exquisite vision and supreme comfort.

 Imagine, you went to your office early morning and come back late at night. You are tired, your head aches and your back pains. You enter your room and you look at your chair. It’s old, uncomfortable and it’s locour is peeling off. The kind of frustration that your head beholds at that moment is not only harmful to your physical health but will also hurt your mental health. The purpose for which you bought that chair is not being fulfilled and in addition to that, you also wasted a lot of money in purchasing that chair. Neither is it being supportive to your back pain nor is it being the calm that you need after a long day.


Get yourself the kind of furniture that calms you. Furniture in houses, offices, actually everywhere should be comfortable and should match with the design of a place. You can not put a lap chair in your dining room because it will get super uncomfortable to not have backrest while eating. Give furniture the importance that it has before purchasing it. Your furniture should be the main attraction of your home/workplace and that can only be done when you know that what you have purchased is right for you and blends well with the design of the room.

You can also avail yourself with furniture that goes well with your workplace. A Motorized standing desk and an office chair can add to the value of your workplace and can work as a means of motivation to work harder!

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