7 outdoor activities you can do in your back garden this summer

Living in lockdown might have made you want to get out of your house more than ever before, and with everything opening back up, it seems like everyone is doing a different activity every day.

Getting back out there is really easy at the moment, especially with the help of the Healgen Rapid Antigen test making us all feel safer, but if you’re wondering how you can keep up with all these activities on a budget, then we’ve got you. We’ve rounded up a list of seven fun outdoor activities that you can do in your own garden.

Back garden camping trip

This is always a fun one. Gather your family in the back garden, build a tent and a fire and you’re set for your very own back garden camping trip. You can toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories around the fire. You could even stargaze and try and remember all of the constellations you’re pretty sure you used to know. Back garden camping is a fun way to spend an evening away from Netflix without breaking the bank.

Rock painting

This one became somewhat of a trend during lockdown, with parents around the country sharing pictures of the rocks their children had painted on social media. It’s pretty simple and the results can be really creative. All you’ll need is some paint, some smooth rocks and some PVA glue. To get started you’ll need to wash the rocks and then seal them, then you can go ahead and start painting your design. Once you’re finished and you have sealed the design in, you can put them back in your garden to add a bit of colour or keep them on your windowsill as a memory of a few hours spent with the family.

Water balloon piñata

Water balloon piñata is a game that’s fun for children and adults alike. All you need to do is fill some water balloons, tie them up in your garden and begin the process of hitting them until they burst. It’s probably best to play this on a really hot day and it’s sure to help you cool down.

DIY mini golf course

Spend the day designing and building your very own miniature golf course. The inspiration on the internet is pretty incredible for DIY miniature golf with people creating some impressive structures from cardboard boxes and paint. Once you’ve built it, you can pass the time playing a round as a family.

Backyard scavenger hunt

If it’s something a bit less messy you’re looking for then a scavenger hunt around the back garden is a great way to keep your family occupied for a few hours this summer. Simply make up some clues, hide some treasures and set them loose.

Vegetable patch

For a longer activity and something that all the family can be part of, why not plant your own vegetable patch or herb garden. Gardening is a great way to get the kids outside and getting them involved in the planting and nurturing of a vegetable patch will give them skill they can teach to their children.

Bury a time capsule

And for an activity that will keep people entertained in years to come, why not bury a time capsule in your backyard. Gather together a few items that represent this past year, maybe even write a letter to the people of the future who will dig it up, and then bury it in your backyard. You can let future generations know of the year we all spent lock indoors, the year we all wore face masks and took a regular Healgen Rapid Antigen test to keep safe and how we’re now, hopefully, coming out the other side of it.

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