Three Tips for Team Development

Today, teamwork is more important than it has ever been in the past. Teamwork can be

exceptionally challenging, particularly with many people working from home. If you want your

team to work together cohesively, you need to listen to experts who can guide the way. For

example, Kirill Vesselov, CEO of Haven Health Management, who has worked with a wide variety of teams, people, and companies

has a handful of tips you should follow if you want to put yourself in a position of success.

“Identify Strengths and Defects”

If you want to put your team in a position to succeed, identify the strengths and weaknesses of

all of your team members. Then, provide your team members with tasks that cater to their

strengths while also covering their weaknesses. He suggests that you identify the

strengths of team members using them to cancel out the shortcomings of others. That way, you

put your team as a whole in a position to support one another naturally.

“Be Clear About Expectations”

Next, you need to be clear about your expectations. In a remote working environment, many

team members do not talk to each other as much as they would in a physical office. It is very

easy for people to get sidetracked, and scope creep can derail projects. According to Kirill, you can avoid this problem by communicating your expectations. You should also

provide a collaborative project portal where everyone can see what they are responsible for and

what their deliverables should be.

“Deflect Praise and Accept Blame”

If you want your team to work well, be a strong leader. According to Mr. Vesselov, a strong

leader deflects praise and accepts blame. This means that if you are given credit for an

exceptional project, you need direct that credit toward the members of your team. If something

goes wrong with the project, you must step up and accept blame, regardless of whether you

believe it is your fault. That is how you inspire your team to work as one.

Support Your Team Members

There are a lot of challenges to overcome if you want your teams to work effectively, but it is up

to leaders to put their teams on solid ground. If you listen to people who have experience in this

area, like Kirill Vesselov, you should be able to circumvent a lot of these challenges while also

providing your team members with the support they need. That way, you can maintain a

competitive advantage over the other companies in your industry.

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