6 Daily essential home cleaning activities

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” this maxim holds good for all seasons. All of us wish for a healthy and peaceful life free from illness and diseases. Decades ago, villages had no power supply and chimney lamps were used as a source of light. There was a custom of spreading salt at all corners of the house and spreading cow dung on the floor of the house. The simple reason behind this was salt acted as a disinfectant and cow dung was used as floor cleaning liquid that had anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that stop viruses and bacteria from settling in these sparsely used corners and floors. This was one of the first daily essential home cleaning activities.

Let’sgo on a small journey to find why and which of the daily home cleaning activities are essential.

  • 1stdaily essential home cleaning activity

Every member of the house travels outside for work.At the end of the day, when back from work,you carry all the germs on your clothes as wellas on hands and feet. These germs are transferred to the floor as you walk into the washroom for a shower.  Children and toddlers always use the floor to play and move around. Floor cleaning liquids kill the germs on the floor and keep the space free from germs.

  • 2nd daily essential home cleaning activity

The kitchen forms an important monitoring work from home productivity part of the house.Food crumbs fall on the floor while preparation or consumption and get stale. This attracts insects and cockroaches. Cleaning the kitchen is essential to keep away from germs causing illness. Kitchen sinks need to be disinfected regularly to keep diseases away.

  • 3rd daily essential home cleaning activity

Depositing household garbage to the collection centerby segregating the dry and wet waste is another daily essential home cleaning activity.This keeps the space clean and free from germs.

  • 4th daily essential home cleaning activity

With the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic,sanitizing mobiles, laptops,floor surfaces, TV screens,TV remotes,AC remotes, furniture, etc., has gained importance.

  • 5th daily essential home cleaning activity

Cleaning toilets and showers regularly is another daily essential home cleaning activity.

  • 6th daily essential home cleaning activity

Cleaning or washing of daily utilities such as hand towels,doormats,combs,table cloth,etcis few more daily essential home cleaning activities.

These cleaning activities turn effective home remedies for viral fever during monsoon season.

As prevention is better than cure consumption of fruits rich in vitamin c such as berries, oranges help in improving immunity. Other herbs such as ashwagandha, tulsi, ginger,turmeric also help in building good immunity levels. Apart from this, take precautions such as cover nose and mouth with masks when in public places. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Maintain social distancing at public places

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