Weight Loss With A Vegan Diet. Is It Even Possible?

Obesity or commonly known as weight gain, has become prevalent in today’s sedentary lifestyle. Do you know, approximately 50-70% of Americans are constantly engaged in shedding some pounds in some or another way? And hence, people changing their diet patterns are a dime a dozen.

People have been found to switch from one diet plan to another, constantly hunting for a perfect diet that helps them reach their desired goal. And, it is no surprise that people are gradually adding plant-based food to their diet plans. A vegan diet offers you plenty of healthy choices, among which soy, almond milk, nuts, seeds, and a vast range of variables can be changed rotationally according to what suits you.

The Health Careers presents a fantastic set of statistics showing that 39% of the United States population moves towards a more plant-based diet that eliminates fat, cholesterol, and saturated fats.

However, it would be unfair to say that an animal-based diet is entirely a turn-off when reducing weight! If consumed effectively, a non-vegetarian diet can also prove to help manage your weight. Eating non-veg slowly, on time, in the correct quantity, and with a properly framed diet plan can help you access all the required nutrients and lead a healthy life.

But a plant-based diet has its advantages that cannot be overlooked. This article will answer all your queries about how can a vegan lose weight and what are the ways to do it, and is that even possible? Without further adieu, let’s dive right in!

Why Is Vegan Diet Good For Weight Loss?

1.  Lower in Saturated Fat

 A vegan diet has always been preferred over animal foods to reach your desired goal and lose weight; among the many reasons that make a vegetarian diet a good source of weight loss, its low saturated fat tops the list. Whether macro or micro, every type of nutrient is needed in the human body, and so are fats. But to lose weight and lead a healthy life, you need to make sure that you consume it in an adequate amount.

Research states that the average amount of fat to be consumed by an adult should range between 20-35%. Energy is supplied to your body through fats in the form of calories, and no doubt, excessive intake can make you a fat cat! Important to mention, too much consumption of saturated fats can cause severe heart diseases.

2. Lower In Calories As Compared To Animal Foods.

Replacing animal food with vegan products which are lower in fat and calories can help you reach a lower body mass index, ultimately losing weight.

3. Gives You More Energy

Everyone must have had indigestion after having a whole plate of fried chicken and animal-based products at least once in a lifetime. Have you, too? Well, that is extremely common. But, ever wondered, why? That is because your body has to invest a lot of time and energy in breaking the food down and produce energy.

On the other hand, a plant-based diet can save your body’s time and energy and can help you feel lively and energetic for more extended periods.

How Can You Lose Weight On Vegan Diet?

1)  Take Non-starchy Veggies

Not getting how and where to start from? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Start by kicking off non-starchy veggies! Non-starchy veggies are an incredible component and source for the same. These veggies should be consumed if you plan to go vegan because- they can be consumed without fixation on a diet, and they are carbohydrate-free.

2)  Avoid Liquid Calories

Though hydration is equally essential for maintaining healthy body weight, liquid calories in coffee with whipped cream or soda should be avoided. Liquid calories add up quickly, and your insulin level will rise if you continue to consume them off-limits. Higher levels of insulin will make you fat in no time.

3)  Consume Fiber-rich Food

Ever wondered why people who go on dieting focus on fruits? That’s due to its impeccable richness in fiber! The Beet says you can access all the healthy nutrients via fibers. Fiber can prove to be beneficial in a whole lot of ways.

The list also includes its ability to keep your insulin level under check, followed by its “net carb” effect. The net carb effect absorbs all the possible nutrients with fewer calories, helping you manage your weight.

Final Word

After going through the article, you now have many reasons why and how a vegan diet can benefit you in losing weight. We believe that you can now plan your diet yourself and stick to it!

However, this is no more than a myth. Your health should be your primary focus. Health is wealth. Focus on your health, and your weight will be managed accordingly.

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