Why you need a massage

It could be a back rub from your loved one or a head-shoulder massage after a haircut. A good rub can be a godsend. Every time you get a massage, you feel relaxed.

Experts agree that getting a regular massage can benefit your health.

It’s a necessary painkiller

A study by neuroscientists shows that massage using bare hands had the same effect on the brain as opioid pain killers like codeine. You don’t need a specialist’s prescription for a massage if you feel pain in any part of your body muscles, which makes it the perfect alternative to medications.

For example, if you have back pain, then a Swedish or deep tissue massage could be the perfect solution to provide your body with much-needed relief.

Massage boosts your body immunity

It doesn’t just get your blood flowing- a massage changes your body composition for the better. A 45-minute Swedish massage, which involves long strokes and deep kneading with circular movements, helps in pushing blood toward the heart. A particular study showed that those who went through regular massage sessions had a higher level of blood proteins, which play a significant role in protecting the body from viral infections, body tumors, and other pathogens.

A massage improves your flexibility

If you struggle with flexibility, regular massage can improve your trunk of flexibility and relieve pain that is associated with back stiffness.

Can help with headaches

Headaches caused by tension in the neck can often be relieved with proper massage. Many times, a neck massage is effective in boosting blood flow to the brain and alleviates pain.

A massage boosts your mood

Sometimes life can bring you down. A massage increases your serotine and dopamine levels, responsible for motivation, reward and arousal. It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood after a good massage – you’re too relaxed to have a care!

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