Best Sports For Older People’s Back Health

Our back is the support structure of the entire body. It carries our body weight and assists in lifting and performing other daily activities. Additionally, our spinal structure has to resist gravitational force to support our weight. Therefore, strong back muscles are necessary to avoid chronic injuries and back problems.

It is crucial to condition your back muscles to make them stronger and improve their endurance. For older people, a strong back is a must to avoid long-term health issues. Here are some sports for older people to improve their back health.


Swimming is undoubtedly one of the best full-body workouts. It trains your muscles and improves overall stamina and cardiovascular health. Water offers great resistance against body weight, which helps in muscle building. Additionally, you can incorporate different strokes in your routine to train different primary muscles.

Water is 800 times denser than air, and it can easily support your body weight. This means no pressure on the joints and carefree swimming. People suffering from arthritis must incorporate swimming into their workout regime to improve bone health.

Also, let’s not forget the social benefits that come along with swimming. You can join the veteran club and have a fun time with your friends. Swimming is also known to improve overall mood and is one of the best exercises for mental health.


Golf comes off as a slow sport initially, but once you get out there, you will realize the number of calories you burn. Additionally, you can track your calories and read about sports nutrition on popular health websites such as Health Report Live.

The swift hits are a great way to work your upper back and improve overall mind-muscle connection. Also, you will get a great chance to get fresh air while spending a great deal of time covering the huge golfing area.


People around the world are shifting to bicycles as their primary mode of transport. This is because cycling has numerous health benefits, and people have started to pay attention to their health and fitness. It is a known fact that cycling burns more calories than jogging, all while taking the pressure off your joints.

Cycling works the entire body and improves cardiovascular health immensely. NHS guidelines indicate that cycling for just 250 minutes a week can have a great positive impact on your overall health.

Additionally, you will save a ton of money on fuel costs by covering short distances on your bicycle. You can direct your savings towards the diet and other crucial supplements.  You can also join veteran cycling clubs to meet like-minded people and have a fun session with them.

Walking football

Walking football really caught off since its inception in 2011. It is s fun and immersive way to declutter your mind and improve your overall cardiovascular and back health. The best thing about this sport is that there is a complete ban on running. So, you don’t have to worry about your body and overdoing things.

Also, you won’t feel insecure around other people and won’t dwell into the deep nostalgia of your younger days. Additionally, this sport advocates a good muscle-mind connection, which helps in improving focus along with overall muscle and bone health.

To learn more information on preventative measures to take to protect your health as you age, please see the resource below.

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