5 Marketing Strategies for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Restrictions, which surround cannabis marketing are the major driving force behind dispensaries changing their traditional advertising strategies. So how can you get the word out about your cannabis products and dispensary?

This is a major problem for every business, posing a greater challenge for new entrants in the marijuana industry. Many platforms have tight restrictions imposed on marijuana-related products, from Google to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Usually, these restrictions include ancillary companies, which don’t touch or sell the plant. However, despite the tough restrictions, you can use the following marketing strategies to reach a wider audience within your targeted area:

  1. Diversify Text Marketing Content

Once you launch a text message program, you might realize that sending exciting deals will result in more purchases within a few hours. At this point, it can be tempting to send the same message each day of the week.

However, according to experts, sending the same texts more than three times a week will result in lower deliverability and more opt-outs.

So rather than that, you should send a diversity of messages without experiencing negative effects. For instance, you can send an SMS deal accompanied by an MMS about a holiday or in-store promotion.

  1. Establish Targeted Campaigns

Before engaging in marketing strategies, you have to make sure you measure and track your performance. Otherwise, you may not have an idea of which strategies to expand, replicate, or double on.

If you prefer a special offer or giveaway, ensure you use UTM tracking and promo codes to determine where your customers come from, their main intentions, and what they engage with.

  1. Use Reward Programs

Most dispensaries face many restrictions on how they may change potential new customers. This makes it more important to upsell and retain the ones you have.

According to dispensaries near me, reward programs may improve the long-term relationship with your marijuana store, increasing the loyalty of all customers. This can be in the form of:

  • Special sales or promotions
  • Customer points
  • Discount cards
  1. Consider Local Content and SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is among the important components of all digital marketing strategies. Though in a sector as challenging as marijuana, strong SEO strategies are helpful.

Search pages, especially in Google, are the first places people visit when they want to know something new. This is even true even with marijuana, as most customers are unsure who they can turn to for questions.

What is more, search engines don’t burn marijuana-related content. This means you can use informative content without worrying about censorship.

  1. Be Involved in the Community

Another way to boost your dispensary recognition is through community outreach. Apart from fostering a positive image of your dispensary, giving back to the community may further bust negative stigmas associated with marijuana businesses and customers.

Whether through charitable donations, neighborhood beautification work, or food drives, being involved with your community can go a long way to establish a responsible and caring store.

The Bottom Line!

Similar to every entrepreneur, marijuana dispensary owners face the challenge of marketing and promoting their business. Regardless of medical marijuana being legal in almost all states, it is illegal under federal law.

Basically, this means that most media properties might not enable businesses in the marijuana sector to market their sites. Hence, as a cannabis dispensary owner, you should develop creative marketing strategies to attract new customers while maintaining the loyalty of existing ones.

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