5 things you need to know before getting BOTOX®

Making an appointment for Botox in Calgary comes with a set of must-know facts. These will help you keep realistic expectations while making the best of your anti-wrinkle treatment. We took the time to ask our experts about the top 5 things you need to know before getting Botox. Keep reading to prepare yourself for the best anti-wrinkle solution available!

#1 Botox is a safe treatment when performed by a trained professional

One of the leading concerns among patients is the safety of Botox injections. Even though you might feel like this is a risky approach since it consists of using a wrinkle toward your forehead, in between your eyes, or at your eyebrows, you shouldn’t worry about it! All you have to do is choose certified Botox treatments in Calgary. A trained professional will know how to inject this toxin so that you benefit from the best anti-aging results.

#2 Botox won’t eliminate your wrinkles permanently

Many patients mistakenly think that only one Botox injection can solve all their problems. In fact, studies reveal that regular Botox treatments can keep up your results and prevent fine lines from reappearing. It is best that you discuss this at your initial appointment for Botox in Calgary. The technician will assess your skin and suggest the best treatment approach. You’ll also receive all the necessary information about Botox duration, possible side effects, and skincare tips.

#3 Botox isn’t about your age

There is a common Botox myth most people believe, and that is the fact that you need to reach a specific age to have this treatment. Our expert says that age doesn’t matter! Using Botox injections as a preventive measure before fine lines deepen is the best approach to keeping your skin youthful-looking. So, only a professional can determine when it’s time for you to have Botox treatments, independent of your age!

#4 Botox causes only a small discomfort when injected into the skin

Well, if you’re scared of needles and pain, it is ok for you to wonder whether Botox hurts. Studies performed on numerous patients revealed that such injections could cause temporary discomfort, but it won’t hurt you too much. It depends on your skin’s tolerance to pain, but you’ll most likely feel a little pinch at the injection site.

#5 Botox isn’t a procedure easily noticeable

Some patients are concerned that their loved ones will notice they had this cosmetic treatment. Well, the good news is that people won’t see the difference. In a couple of days after the Botox treatment, your skin will improve in appearance, and fine lines will start to smoothen out. You’ll rapidly notice the difference!

The bottom line

So, getting Botox in Calgary is a good idea for you if you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles. And now that you know the top 5 things you need to know before getting Botox, it might be the perfect time to schedule a consultation. A professional can assess your wrinkles and suggest the proper treatment approach!

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