Treatment of Rosacea using laser technology

Rosacea condition is characterized by facial redness – especially around the nose, cheeks, chin and in between the brow. Broken facial capillaries and acne-like pustules on face are often seen in patients with rosacea.   Other signs include bloodshot or watery eyes, burning or stinging sensations on face and sensitive skin. Clinicians combat rosacea by combining laser treatment with lifestyle changes and medical skin care. Facial redness due to broken capillaries in rosacea cases can be rapidly corrected with laser treatments.

We at Epion Clinic are fully equipped with laser facial treatment Singapore for rosacea patients by using Gemini Laser that has two wavelengths of 532nm and 1064nm.  The 532nm is attracted to oxyhaemoglobin to shut down broken facial capillaries and reduce redness whereas 1064nm with deeper penetration shuts down deeper blood vessels that feed facial capillaries. We also use Pulsed Dye Laser for treatment of rosacea.

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