Significance of GP Bundoora

What is GP practice?

GP is abbreviation used to mention a General practitioner who plays a significant role in the treatment of most of the common medical conditions and ailments.

A GP primarily focuses on wellbeing, prevents spread of disease and also initiate treatment process for patients living in nearby communities at their homes. They usually treat common health conditions and ailments and if required refer patients to main hospitals for urgent or necessary treatment by specialists.

GPs are invaluable as they are the first point of contact for patients and hence adopt patient-centered approaches that generate sense of trust and faith among patients in the abilities of their GP. They provide consultation and treatment to patients of all ages; ranging from infants, newborn babies to Geriatrics i.e. elderly patients.

Health Conditions generally treated by GPs

The main focus of GP practice remains on providing treat patients in their homes.

GPs usually provide their patients:

·       Diabetic Care

·       Chronic Disease management

·       Cardio-vascular disease like Hypertension

·       Treatment and management of renal disorders

·       Pain management and Arthritic care

·       Management for Stress related disorders like Anxiety, depression or Dizziness

·       Dermatological Treatment

·       Minor Surgery

·       Wound management

·       Immunological disorders

In addition, besides many other health conditions, GPs can also advise regarding your family planning measures, lifestyle and may help quitting smoking and drug abuse. GPs invariably help and suggest immunization for children who are very much vulnerable to various diseases.

Other common ailments treated by GPs

A GP Bundoora always tries to provide physical and psychological treatment especially for patients suffering from chronic or stress related ailments.

While treating patients, GPs maintain a record of patients’ past history of illnesses, treatment, mental health and family status along with their overall socio-economical condition.

GP Bundoora becomes even more important in certain emergency like conditions like minor accidents, cardiac stroke, sudden abdominal pains etc.

Often, patients need primary care for unexpected life-threatening conditions like anaphylactic shocks or severe allergic reaction as well as severe dysponea i.e. difficulty in breathing due to sudden onset or aggravation of asthma

GPs help such patients in distressful conditions by stabilizing them and making them fit enough to be referred to hospitals for further investigations and specialized treatments. Most of the ambulatory can even go in person in a GP clinic for seeking medical advice.

As it is not possible for immobile patients like critically or terminally ill patients, besides being a clinician, a GP Bundoora assumes a role of an emotional and spiritual guide. A sympathetic approach of GPs can give a boost to such depressed patients such as suffering from cancer and help changing their outlook and views towards life and their disease they are suffering from.

Although GPs run their clinics in community; they often provide services to schools. Sometimes GPs also work as a team member in hospitals and nursing homes. The patients needing most caring and economical treatment services of GP Bundoora can call Bundoora Family Clinic.

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