How to assemble a water pipe?

This article is about the waterpipe. How do assemble it? We will answer that question below, but first we will discuss what a hookah is and what components it consists of. 

What is a water pipe?

A hookah is used to burn water pipe tobacco, a herbal mixture or aromatic steaming stones. The smoke is inhaled by the user over a layer of water. To do this, a hookah has a flexible hose with a mouthpiece attached. Hot stones or coals are used for heating, but it is also done electrically. A standard hookah is not used for smoking hashish and marijuana. For that, a so-called bong is used. Other names for a water pipe are hookah, shisha, ghaliyan and nargileh.

The components of a hookah

Apart from the aforementioned hose, a hookah consists of the following components from top to bottom:

  • A bowl into which is placed that which will be burned.
  • A bowl, in which the coals can cool down and ash can be collected.
  • A column, to which the bowl and coal dish are attached at the top and a liquid reservoir at the bottom.
  • An immersion tube, which enters the reservoir from the column to just above the liquid level.
  • A liquid reservoir. The liquid is usually water, but not necessarily. The end of the tube needs to be above the water level.
  • A valve port. Just above the liquid is also a valve port. Through that port, foul or acrid smoke can be blown out of the reservoir.

Assembling a hookah

To assemble a hookah, please do the following:

  • tighten the dip tube to the column. You may need to use a rubber for the seal
  • place the column on the reservoir, after filling it with liquid. The immersion tube should be 2 cm above the liquid level
  • attach the bowl and cup to the column
  • attach the tube to the reservoir. If desired, you can place a hookah filter between the reservoir and the hose.

After these steps, your hookah is ready to use.

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