Dr. James Murtagh: A Guide to Various Lung Diseases

Lung and pulmonary diseases might initially start with minor symptoms, but they are responsible for millions of deaths yearly. Once they start affecting individuals’ airways and lung tissues, it becomes harder for the lungs to function properly.

Dr. James Murtagh has worked in the lung and pulmonary disease field for decades. His expertise has allowed him to treat many and find solutions that work for them. Even in less drastic situations, seeking medical health early makes all the difference.

What are some of the most common lung and pulmonary diseases? Knowing a little bit about symptoms and identifying problems early helps tremendously.


The most common chronic lung disease in the world is asthma. While many people have relatively mild symptoms and can get by with little treatment, it leaves them vulnerable their entire lives.

Dr. James Murtagh encourages parents to get their children checked out if they experience excessive wheezing or coughing. The same goes for any tightness near the chest area or general breathing problems. Most asthma cases are identified early on in a person’s life.

What causes asthma symptoms to flare up? It could happen without reason, but anything from substances in the air to excessive exercise can give people chronic breathing issues.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is inflammation in the lungs. When the lungs become inflamed, the body produces more mucus, which makes general breathing challenging. COPD is only treatable, and a cure is not available. 

Once a person is diagnosed with COPD, they are also likely to get emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Dr. James Murtagh has treated many people with COPD and helped them live productive lives by managing the symptoms. 


This is emphysema when the air sacs inside the lungs get damaged. Air sacs are meant to be solid and ready to move with every breath. Anyone suffering from emphysema has weakened air sacs that could rupture.

The common emphysema symptoms are shortness of breath and consistent wheezing. Working with patients needing help, Dr. James Murtagh has found specific solutions that work well.


Most people associate bronchitis with a common cold or sinus infection. Chronic bronchitis can cause many more problems, and the worst part is that it doesn’t go away. An increase in mucus production causes breathing problems.

The symptoms to watch out for with chronic bronchitis are mainly related to coughing. If the frequency of coughing increases or becomes filled with mucus, it’s time to visit someone such as Dr. James Murtagh. The longer symptoms last, the more likely it is to be chronic.

Other Lung Diseases

Dr. James Murtagh not only treats the most common issues for patients, but he can also handle some rarer issues. Getting diagnosed with sarcoidosis, asbestosis, or bronchiolitis obliterans can leave the average person wondering what the next step should be. With the proper care, long issues can be fixed entirely or treated as well as possible.

The common theme with any lung issue is that they become damaged in some way, causing scarring. When scarring starts to spread, it makes lungs rigid and unable to perform as they did in the past. That’s when patients experience coughing, difficulty breathing, and general discomfort.

Life-Threatening Pulmonary Issues

Advance problems with the lungs can cause serious issues. The big one is lung cancer, but anything severely hindering breathing is going to make an impact.

Quality care makes a difference when a person’s life is on the line. Too many people gloss over warning signs, and they get progressively worse. Smokers, in particular, will keep up with bad habits and not take care of themselves the way they should.

Lung treatment and care are better than ever, and Dr. Murtagh is just one person dedicated to medical research in the field to make improvements all the time. Even with everyone working hard towards a common goal, it is still challenging to deal with lung diseases reaching an advanced stage. Dr. Murtagh does everything he can to control serious issues when working with a patient over the long haul.

How Specialized Training Helps Dr. James Murtagh

A general doctor won’t be able to provide intricate care for those dealing with chronic lung issues. Making an appointment with Dr. James Murtagh and other doctors in this field helps provide faster results and quality relief.

Since the early 1980s, he’s served as a doctor of pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine. He’s always had a passion for medical research, which helped him become a better-practicing doctor. As advancements occur in pulmonary care, he takes the time to research it himself before implementing it with patients.

Assessing situations and running the proper tests is an excellent step in the right. Early detection of medical issues is essential, and pulmonary care is no different. He encourages people to look for changes in how the lungs function or feel.

Specialized training and caring for patients will always matter. Working with specialists who know what they’re doing and have experience seeing different diseases helps with quick identification. Attention to detail has always been a forte of Dr. Murtagh’s, and he’s still offering quality care over 40 years later.

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