6 tips for condom usages

Rather than coaxing your female partner to have the after-morning pill, it’s better to use a condom. After all, the oral pills have proven to be way more harmful than the external usage condoms. But, even after knowing these, there are people who avoid using this protective object at the time of sex.

There are primarily two reasons for this reluctance. First, men usually are allergic to the materials with which the condoms are made. And secondly, this protection is not hundred percent safe, and many cases have been brought to limelight where the woman has got pregnant even after using a condom.

So, where everything is going wrong?

Is it the choice of the condom or the way of putting it on which is making you afraid to have sex with your partner?

Well, no matter what the answer is, you should know how to wear a condom, handle it while having sex, and also the proper disposal method. For this reason we are here with the six best ideas that will help you in using this rubber sheath protection wisely and appropriately while engaging in a physical activity with your partner.

  1. Learn more about the different types of condoms

Your first job will be to know more about the various kinds of condoms present in the market. With this information, you will be able to understand which variety will be appropriate for you and which wouldn’t be. For example, some condoms are made from artificial latex material which might cause allergic reaction on the skin of the penis. Some condoms are ultra thin which might break if you are using too much force during the copulation. So, first read about the different types of the protection cover, list down the cons and pros, and then buy.

  1. While rolling the sheath, be very careful

Often men try to get over with the wrapping of condom process within seconds so that they can start with the main. Now, in this haste, they usually use teeth or a pair of scissors to oven the foil packet. This is where they make mistakes because condoms are very delicate, and using of any sharp thing can cause tears in the sheath which you wouldn’t even notice.

  1. After taking it out, tie the loose ends to hold the semen

No matter which best condom in India you are buying, you need to properly dispose it off after you have released the semen into the sheath. For this, pinch off the portion which contains the semen and then slowly unwrap it from around your penis. Once it comes out completely, tie the loose ends properly without pouring the semen, and then throw it in the garbage bin.  

  1. Choose the condom material as per your convenience

The condom material is found in various forms, starting with rubber to latex. So, at the time of choosing the material, make sure you are aware of the cons and pros of the same. This way you can avoid unnecessary hassles regarding the condom sheaths.

  1. Be careful while taking the condom off

Ensure that you are holding the rim carefully while taking it off the penis. Firmly hold the rim so as to get away with the spilling of the fluid from the condom.

  1. Bring a new condom in use if you wish to have sex again

Regardless of whether ejaculation takes place, make sure you use a new condom each time. This makes sure you are safe when it comes to getting pregnant.


Without condoms, having sex wordlessly is not possible. That’s why we have explained some tips of using this protection barrier safely, for both your body as well as your partner’s.

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