Why Marie Biscuits are best teatime biscuits?

Teatime is a luxurious time to relax and unwind. Tea is the most popular beverage in India and India is one of the top producers of tea in the world. Tea mainly came to India along with the Britishers during the British Raj. Slowly but surely, tea made its way into the hearts of millions of Indians. Now, generations later, India practically runs on “chai.” Indians love their tea and consume approximately 837,000 tonnes of tea in a year, according to BBC! Often, we pair tea with a biscuit that goes well with it. Marie Biscuit is one of the most popular teatime biscuits in India. Made of wheat and simple in taste, Indians love dipping these in their tea. Marie Biscuits have been on the Indian market for a long time which is why they are dubbed the best teatime biscuits.

The history of Marie Biscuit

The name Marie originally comes from Maria, the Grand Duchess of Russia who was married off to the Duke of Edinburgh. It was on her wedding day, in 1874, that the Marie biscuit was invented! A bakery in London, Peek Freans decided to stamp the Duchess’ name over their biscuits for the celebration. These biscuits were also embossed with a simple design that was well-liked by the guests!

Marie Biscuit Ingredients

Marie Biscuits are thin round biscuits that resemble a disc. They have “Marie” embossed on them and some simple decoration too. This biscuit is made of locally sourced high-quality whole wheat, sugar, vegetable/ sunflower oil and vanilla. Marie biscuits contain natural wheat fibres and are a healthy biscuit choice. These biscuits are not overpoweringly sweet and taste even better after dunked in tea.

Marie Biscuits in the Indian Market

Marie biscuits come in a variety of forms these days. One of the popular Marie Biscuit variants is Marie Light. This is a healthy version of the original biscuit and contains 6 vitamins and iron that curb fatigue and promote a more active lifestyle. Marie Light Active biscuits are suitable for everyone who wants to be more active yet does not want to compromise on their “chai-biscuit” time as it contains zero trans-fat!

Another healthier variant of Marie Biscuits is the Marie Light Veda biscuits. These bring the goodness of Tulsi, Ginger, Ashwagandha and Mulethi to normal biscuits and enhance not only their nutritional value but also their taste. Tulsi tea and Ginger tea are popular variants of traditional tea. If you love these flavours in your tea, you will like the Marie Light Veda biscuits too!

Marie biscuits are also one of the first solid foods which babies can eat once they reach a certain age. They taste well with milk too. Other than having them with your evening tea, Marie biscuits are also used to make desserts and sweets! There are a ton of recipes that can be made with these light-weight crispy biscuits like chocolate cheesecakes or a Batik cake!

Well-liked by kids, adults and senior citizens and the best partner for tea, Marie biscuits are healthy and can be had by people on strict diets too!

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