How to Increase the Benefits of Your Medication

The majority of people nowadays have to take medication regularly. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it simply means there is a range of medications that can help a range of health issues.

But it is important to remember that medicine does not simply cure you. It provides many benefits, but it also provides many risks to your health as well.

Even articulated that while medication can save hundreds of thousands of lives every year, it equally compromises our health by taking away essential vitamins, we need to stay healthy. It comes down to balance and finding ways to maximize the benefits of the medication we take.

And we want to reiterate that there are actually so many benefits from taking medication. This includes allowing us to manage our blood pressure better, fighting off any infections, and reducing pain in our body. But the risks we face when medication deprives us of the nutrients we need include having to endure effects like stomach aches, headaches, and even heart damage.

But experts have created a list of ways to ensure we increase the benefits of the medication we are taking, many which are quite simple to do!  In fact, to increase the benefits of our medication, we need to enact strategies to minimize the risks. Here are ways in which you can do so.

  1. Consult with your doctor

Having an open line of communication is really important to ensure the medication you are taking is not putting your health at risk. There is a range of ways in which you can do this. First is by knowing what medications you are already taking, as the wrong combinations of medicines can be lethal! Even if the medication is minor, communicate it just for peace of mind. Next, you want to communicate your allergies that you suffer from and any previous history of having issues with medications. This way, the doctor can give you the best medicine for you personally. And of course, if you are pregnant or have any other issue they are not aware of, let them know!

  1. Understand your medication

In order for you to maximize the benefits of your medication, you need to fully understand what it is all about! This includes knowing what it is called, how you need to take them, the instructions the pharmacist has provided, the changes you should expect to see, and any harmful side effects you should be monitoring. This way, you will be able to know if things start to backfire on you, and you can swing into action fast to minimize the risks medications could pose to you and your health.

  1. Do not alter the instructions

The instructions provided with your medication is not just a casual suggested. It has been a tried and tested method that ensures you are likely to reap the most benefits from the pills. To ensure you get all the benefits and minimize the risks, double check you are taking the right pills, don’t change the dosage that is recommended and does not continue taking if you feel it is being harmful to your health,

  1. Track how you are going with the medicine

It is up to you to really monitor how the medicine is going for you. Be aware of any dietary requirements you should be abiding by, the frequency you should be taking the medicine and the side effects that are not normal. If you feel like something is off or not natural, it is on you to ensure you take the necessary steps to make it right—whether that be alerting your doctor, pausing taking the medication or altering your diet to boost up your vitamin intake.

  1. Keep up with your healthy habits

As we have alluded to earlier, it is the balance of your healthy habits and consumption of medication that will really allow you to maximize the benefits. This means that you need to first look after your hygiene and wash your hands, avoid other sick people,, and be careful of how you prepare your food. You also need to ensure you are staying well hydrated, eating a well balanced diet, getting lots of exercises, and even a daily dose of sunshine!

Despite there being a range of risks that you will have to face when taking medication, it is not impossible to manage. In fact, it is actually quite easy to counter all the risks with a whole heap of benefits, you just need to control the risks. This means you should be in open dialogue with your doctor, research your medicine, follow the instructions listed on your medicine, be alert with how your body is feeling, and manage your lifestyle in a healthy way.

So when you are taking your medication, remember that with the right balance, you can reap the benefits that the medicine was designed to provide.



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