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Did you know that the teeth are the only human body part that cannot heal them? Your mouth has multiple bacteria surpassing the total Earth’s population. In every smile, exposing your teeth, you tell the world so much about you. Shocking, right? Maintaining your teeth’ healthful state is very critical. Regardless of your efforts, your teeth sometimes develop complications; thus, the need for a dentist arises. The difficulties may be swollen and bleeding gums, tooth cavities, uneven alignment of the dental hole, or dental decay.

For ages, dentists used braces to shapes the dental formula into a preferable position. But know there is a new technology, the Invisalign. The treatment straightens your teeth through a chain of detachable aligners, explicitly designed for your dental cavity. During each placement of an aligner, after every week and your tooth will start to shift into the preferred stand and slowly, after months, reach the final designated position. The process is vibrant, contented, and detachable at the same time, which helps transform you to smile without any shame.

Things to Know Before Getting an Invisalign

  • Due to more developments for the procedure, you may have to get more attachments than you anticipated. The attached parts fit into the Invisalign aligners, which aid the teeth’ movement. The aligners seem like transparent braces, and without them, the attachments are not easily visible.
  • You shall be wearing the aligners for more than twenty-two hours for it to be effective. This leaves less time for your meals; thus, you are susceptible to weight loss.
  • You will have to do away with some beauty artifacts such as lipsticks and manicures. The lipstick will stick on the aligners, which is not advisable. You will need your nails to remove the aligners; try and maintain good nails, not chipped ones.
  • Kissing will become awkward since there is an enormous plastic ploy filling up your mouth. You need to brush your tooth many times a day to maintain your teeth healthy. Brushing removes all food particles on your teeth which helps avoids lousy breath.
  • You will be drinking cold water only, not hot drinks like tea, which will stain the aligners. Alcoholic beverages and sugary fluids are much more likely to cause plaque development.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign?

  • The aligners are customized. Based on your teeth impression will the aligners will be made.
  • The aligners are detachable, thus enabling you to eat and maintain your oral hygiene. Also, you can remove them on special occasions.
  • The procedure is fully effective than before the process completion, and you will begin to feel and enjoy it. Treatment starts right from when the aligners are touching your tooth.
  • Plastic is the primary component for manufacturing the aligners. No metallic cords, which makes them comfortable.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

  • You may experience some minor discomfort at the start of every new treatment phase.
  • The treatment is much more expensive than the use of both metallic and white braces.
  • For the treatment to be fully effective, it takes a more extended period than the braces.

The treatment is fully effective though it takes time. Maintaining your oral hygiene is the game-changer. Visit Invisalign Los Angeles for any inquires. Always smile confidently.

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