Can Doterra Essential Oil Cure Our Illness?

A number of studies on essential oils were done have revealed that oils can offer physical as well as psychological benefits to us.

Whenever we think about an essential oil then we tend to think of certain nice smelling item which can be in between perfume and potion. They are also compared with certain liquid essence of either tea or lemon tree, that you may buy from any grocery stores too.

Oils are also considered essential for our wellness for many consumers, these essential oils represent as pure and more ancient medicinal form, one having Biblical overtones with reference to anointing.

Doterra is one well-known company for essential oils, which is available in the market. The name “Doterra” is derived from Latin word which means “Gift of Earth”. The company was started in the year 2008 by few healthcare professionals.

All these professionals shared their personal experiences about profound life-enhancing benefits that essential oils can provide to them and that motivated them to create essential oil product which could benefit all people.

The results obtained from various researches indicate that implications of the effect of oil can be significant.

Dr. Le has done studies on the oils that suggests that quality of the essential oils is generally a combination of biochemistry and chemistry and biochemical analytics are needed to fully assess quality of any essential oils.

Another representative of Doterra known as Lara held a talk on essential oils, where she introduced herself as a crazy oil lady. Lara told before the gathering assembled that her interest in oils developed few years ago, while her 3-year-old son had autism symptom.

She had consulted many pediatricians but they were of no help for her. Finally, she tried diffusing oils, which made her son very calm like kitten. She continued her treatment with oils for few years and now her son is completely on track developmentally.

She also distributed a handout which listed many different ailments and also their necessary oil treatments and some of them are:

  • Eucalyptus for bronchitis
  • Cypress for mononucleosis
  • Lavender for 3rd-degree burns
  • Rosemary for virus of respiratory syncytial problems.

The molecules of essential oil of therapeutic grade can form coherent, harmonious and functional medicine to heal us by our creator, the God as per his highest will.

This idea may give anyone chills that you can get a better medicine, which is pure and uncompromised, obtained from nature and a small bottle of oil can do good things to all of us.

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