Marijuana and Work: Is it Right to Smoke Marijuana at Work?

The work environment is an important determinant of quality employee performance. Most of the employees tend to receive a lot of pressure from the environment, from the co-workers, or the employer. This pressure may lead to the poor mental health of the employee and one benefit of marijuana to the limps system is reducing anxiety. It is also possible to bring an argument that marijuana is an important medical product that can be used by employees at work.

Weed has been illegal over the past decades and as the world is adapting to new changes, so do laws. The legalization of weed in workplaces should be done either if it’s for recreational purposes as provided by Pure Lapeer recreational dispensaries or for medical purposes. A country like Canada has legalized weed and laws have been set aside such as drug-testing policies to protect the right of the employee since they are mostly discriminated against for failing tests. Recently, courts have fought for the rights of employees who use marijuana off duty, especially for medical purposes

Dispensaries near Lapeer have the best quality flowers, ranging from edibles, concentrates, and accessories. The establishment of such dispensaries is a backdrop of the enactment of laws for weed legalization. Such an organization impacts on government’s financial status, as it increases the revenue. The legalization of weed will likely increase the country’s revenue as its consumption is debated as important.

There are several benefits of marijuana and how it affects the performance of a company:

Health issues

Marijuana has a compound known as THC, which is an active ingredient and CBD. CBD helps in dealing with anxiety, though too much consumption leads to paranoia, stress, chronic pain, or even cancer. Marijuana also reduces nausea and gives appetite to certain medical conditions. The effect of marijuana on drifting one’s memory from its normal state is a benefit as it helps people suffering from PTSD and brain concussion. This makes them focus on work other than their life trauma.


It’s noted that marijuana increases the morale of an employee during working sessions. It ensures enough sleep to employers who have difficulty in sleeping during the off hours. This makes the mind active for more operations, which leads to quality productivity at work. Therefore, it makes sense to buy cannabis products from recognized places like Pure Lapeer dispensaries.

THC compound helps in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It slows down the formation of amyloid plaques which kills Alzheimer’s that can lead to memory loss, causing low productivity at the workplace.


Medicinal marijuana is recommended by medical practitioners to employees experiencing various health defects and is approved by employers since not all organizations approve this law. Some organizations have grown as they have eliminated the drug testing law creating more job opportunities. As much as we fight for the legalization of marijuana in workplaces, we should control the user’s consumption. Thus, a drug test should be done, but with the purpose of drug control. Employees should keep in mind that workplace safety and productivity are the top priority, and the use of marijuana can cause a dangerous impact.

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