Top 4 Condom Brands In India

Wearing a condom can seem to be the polar opposite of a good idea, pleasure-wise, given that condoms could be uncomfortable and trigger allergies.

But wait for a second, boys. We are into the second decade of the twenty-first century, and there are so many options to choose from that make wearing a condom more enjoyable.

From textured condoms that maximize pleasure to ultra-thin condoms that make you forget you’re wearing one, here are the top condom brands in India that have it all.

  • Durex

Durex, which stands for Durability, Reliability, and Excellence, has a sizable market in India, due to its highly innovative condom line.

Their orgasm management condoms provide a numbing lube that stretches over the head of the penis during the heat of desire, prolonging the sense of ecstasy for both him and her.

Other condoms under this brand include ultra-thin ribbed and dotted condoms, which enhance friction for maximum pleasure.

Durex also offers Durex air and Durex invisible to provide the feeling of not wearing a condom.

Flavored condoms to non-latex condoms to luxury condoms, whatever floats your boat, Durex has it all at very pocket-friendly prices.

  • Manforce

Manforce condoms are known for their dotted condoms, which are custom-made to heighten your pleasure even in missionary sex positions. They have a whooping 576 dots and ribs to enhance the pleasure.

In general, their condoms are divided into four categories: Wild, Intimate, Powerhouse, and Experimental.

The Powerhouse and Experimental condoms include “Benzocaine fluid,” which helps you remain erect for longer by temporarily numbing your log and delaying your ejaculation. All of the flavored, textured, and ultra-thin types are covered by the Wild and Intimate line.

  • Skore Condoms

Skore has your back if you want to settle the score of all those pleasurable nights with your lady love.

This condom brand is shudh desi, and it is quickly becoming one of the top condom brands in India

Skore offers a wide variety of condoms to fit your needs, including flavored and long-lasting condoms, as well as ribbed, zigzag, dotted, cooled, and a lot more other textured condoms.

Skore also has textured condoms with climax control, so you can literally go all night long.

Their wide selection of condoms will make sex a thrilling ride indeed.

Don’t know which one to get? Try their mixed condom packs for one of each kind of condom in their line.

  • SKYN Condoms

Skyn condoms make the list because they are much softer than your regular condoms. That’s because SKYN condoms are 100% free of natural rubber, and are made from Skynfeel, an innovative Polyisoprene plastic.

These condoms are ideal for people allergic to latex and for those who crave that “condom-not-there” feeling during sex.

Love oral sex? SKYN is the to-go brand for you.  Their line has delicious flavored condoms & doesn’t contain Nonoxynol-9, the spermicide responsible for the condom’s bitter taste.

Wrapping it before tapping it is still a good idea. Okay, sex puns aside, condoms have several benefits. They are 98 percent protective against both STDs and unintended pregnancies. And with these top condom brands in India, you have no excuse to not wear one before you get going!

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