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When a woman starts to hit their midlife, there are a lot of things that start changing for them body-wise and that also tends to have a certain level of effect on their mind as well which may disrupt their mental health. People tend not to talk about the process of menopause and even some of the experts in this area might not know the right amount of information about menopause.

The stereotype of menopause is that it is considered as a certificate of being old but that is not the case. Menopause does not mean that a woman has gotten old but it needs to be given the right amount of attention so that people are aware of things that women have to go through during this period of their lives.

This is the reason behind the inception of an entity like Femology that wants to talk about all these things and make people aware of everything that there is to know about how the woman reaches menopause and what sort of things are bound to happen during the final days of reaching menopause.

We are here to offer the ways through which a woman would be able to maintain the well-being of themselves during their midlife so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle throughout and do not come across things that can make them very uncomfortable.

There are so many changes that may happen in the woman’s body during the whole process of menopause. Different stages in a menopause cycle may bring different things and different changes to the body of a woman. They need to be addressed so that the people are made aware of all this.

Perimenopause is the primary stage of the whole menopause cycle. In the perimenopause phase, the primary hormonal changes start to occur in the female body which become much more visible physically as time passes forward. The perimenopause phase is also the longest phase in the whole process as well which may extend up to 10 years before the actual menopause happens. Then there is the primary menopause phase which will come where a woman might not experience periods for 12 months which will mark the beginning of menopause. There is the post-menopause phase in which there might be actual physical changes in the body as it is no longer accustomed to deal with the female reproductive cycle.

These are things which are not regularly discussed because they do not have the attention of the audience because it is not very visible. We, at Femology, are looking to make that difference so that the woman can feel comfortable when they talk about menopause and we can make them aware of the kind of changes that may start to happen in their bodies during this period which may occur for very long durations. Using the information we are here to provide, the woman will be able to easily deal with this phase of her life in a very respectable and comfortable way that is possible to achieve.

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