Compare Capsule vs Tablet

The capsule vs tablet comparison is easy to see and understand the difference. They look starkly singular in the consistency and formulation factors. The differences in the two encasements can also involve requirements in formulation for the medication or nutrient to be absorbed by the body. You can divide the tablet in half or quarters to adjust the dosage, while the consistency of the capsule means that it’s not usually advisable to split this pill in half or adjust the dose without proper direction from a doctor.

What is a capsule?

A capsule consists of a powder or jelly formulation, so you can more easily swallow the capsule. The formulation and consistency usually involve a higher price point for each capsule. Despite the cost and unique consistency factors, the capsule may be easier for you to swallow, and it may not require liquid to wash it down.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is typically flat and/or more oblong in appearance, but they can be round or oblong. You may refer to a tablet as a “horse pill” since it may be larger and more solid in appearance and consistency. These tablets are usually not as expensive as a capsule-formulated pill.

You may need to wash the tablet down with water or other beverage to avoid the gag reflex for the larger-pill formulation. Another factor for the tablet can also be the taste, since it may not have a coating to make it taste better. The tablet may contain additives to hold the formulation together, as well as give it a specific texture, flavor, or look-and-feel.

How do you decide which to take?

You may not have a choice between the capsule or the tablet, based on the requirements of specific formulation, but if you do have a choice, you may decide that a capsule the best choice because it’s easier to swallow, although some tablets do have a coating that helps ease with ingestion.

The capsule may also taste better and may help you avoid gag-reflex situations for taking mediation. The fact that a capsule is typically more expensive is a drawback, but you may find that when you compare capsule vs tablet that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks in cost.

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