An Expert Orthodontist From Gahanna Ohio Answers Your FAQs!

It’s normal for orthodontic patients and parents to have questions prior to hiring an orthodontist for their services, because after all, braces and invisible aligners simply aren’t cheap.

Although it’s safe to say that orthodontic care is a great investment for everyone’s oral health and long-term teeth durability, you’ll still need to stay informed when making these investment decisions. We’ve teamed up with Dr. James Karpac, an exert orthodontist gahanna ohio, to help us answers some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people have about orthodontics.

So, keep reading on to see if your questions or concerns are addressed in the below sections!

What exactly do orthodontists do for their patients?

Orthodontists are dental experts who specialize in helping patients with their teeth positioning, alignment, and spacing. They also help patients address any jaw or face irregularities that are impacting their teeth alignment and overall oral health.

Orthodontists use braces, invisible aligners, and many other oral appliances to help patients address these types of health issues.

Why should I get orthodontic treatment?

There are many good reasons to consider getting orthodontic treatment for you or your child, but the two most popular reasons include function and aesthetics. Having a beautiful smile does wonders for not only how people see you, but also your own self-esteem.

Orthodontic treatment also helps patients when it comes to proper teeth functionality, and this helps patients to take better care of their teeth throughout the rest of their life.

When should people start their orthodontic treatment?

Although a lot of people think that orthodontic treatment is for teenagers, the truth is that it’s never too late to receive treatment. It’s true that orthodontic issues are a little easier to fix when a patient’s jaw is still growing, and that’s why it’s generally recommended for kids around age 7 to undergo their initial consultation with their orthodontist.

But if you didn’t receive orthodontic treatment as a child, you most certainly can do so as an adult!

How are bite problems recognized?

When an individual’s teeth are crowded, protruding, or erupting out of incorrect positions, it’s a clear red flag that there are bite problems present that need orthodontic treatment.

Some less obvious signs of bite problems would be frequently biting your cheeks, mouth breathing, speech impediments, and prolonged thumb sucking.

Does it hurt to get braces? Does it hurt wearing them?

For the most part, braces are painless. However, it’s important to note that some people will experience some pains and aches during the first few days of their treatment.

This is because you’ll just be getting used to your braces, but this discomfort will quickly subside.

How long does orthodontic treatment take to finalize?

Everyone has a unique treatment timeline, but in general, orthodontic patients can expect their treatment to be over within 1-2 years.

But it’s also important to remember that once your treatment is officially over, you’ll still need to wear your retainer on a nightly basis!

How often do patients need adjustment checkups?

It’ll sometimes depend upon the patient’s unique treatment timeline and whether or not they’re receiving braces or invisible aligner treatment, but most patients receive adjustment checkups every 4 to 10 weeks.

Do orthodontic patients have to watch what they eat?

Yes, orthodontic patients will have to be careful about the types of food that can typically get trapped within the wires and brackets of braces. This can include foods like caramel, hard candy, ice cubes, taffy, raw vegetables, popcorn, and much more.

Your orthodontist will likely provide you with a long list of foods that you’ll have to avoid throughout the course of your treatment.

Can I still play sports while wearing braces?

Of course, but you’ll have to be more careful about wearing a mouthguard during games and practices.

But braces do not impede an athlete’s ability to perform on the field, and the same goes for musicians!

Is orthodontic care extremely expensive?

Orthodontic care is a long-term investment for a patient’s wellbeing and health, and there are always financing options available to make this type of treatment much more affordable.

Although it’ll likely cost thousands of dollars overall, the payment installments are usually around $100 per month. This makes orthodontic care an affordable, wise investment for everyone!

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Orthodontic patients and parents tend to have a lot of questions while they’re preparing their treatment journeys, and getting your questions answered will help you feel more comfortable with these healthcare decisions.

If the above sections didn’t answer your questions, you can speak directly with an orthodontist from JK Orthodontics via the link at the top of this page!

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