Looking chic at the gym has never been easier! 

Exercising in the gym can be a challenge when you wear the wrong clothes. So before you hit the gym, make sure you’re wearing proper workout clothes. You wouldn’t want to make the wrong exercise moves and curb your flexibility too.  A collection of workout clothes in your wardrobe can help you dress appropriately for any sport or activity you’ve planned for the day.

Much of today’s workout clothes are devoid of their primary purpose – being functional during a workout. This is why it is essential for regular gym goers to have a collection of good clothes to wear in the gym. If looking good with the right kind of gym clothes is on your mind, try the Women’s Gym Tops from MyProtein. You get to choose from a diverse range of gym tops, t-shirts and vests. But don’t take our word for it – visit the site and check it out for yourself.

Your reason to hit the gym could either be to lose weight or to stay toned, but your choice of attire decides your comfort level. So ladies, here are some helpful tips and guidelines on the kind of gym tops you need to choose in order to ace your gym look!

Gym tops should fit well and be suitable for any form of workout. Luckily, you can find these great features in the gym tops from MyProtein. These gym tops are not only lightweight but also comfortable to wear. So are you up for a workout in an ultra-long sleeve crop top? Gym tops from MyProtein can help you tackle any workout with ease because these tops provide extra coverage while working out. What’s more, the tops also fit to perfection and complement your body shape.

One of the essential must-have pieces in a woman’s wardrobe is a basic crop top. You can never go wrong with this. Made from cotton-rich fabric for a soft-touch layer that lends comfort wherever you may go, gym tops should be simplistic yet stylish! The collection at MyProtein includes rib vests, t-shirts, crop tops, training vests, armhole vests, training mesh vests, open back crop top and much more.  So you can go forth and exercise in style!

The open back crop top offers a super-flattering cutaway back detail and an elasticated waist. When paired with high-waisted leggings this crop top can be a match made in heaven! The energy crop top has a flattering cropped fit and gathered front detail, which is ideal to wear when your training moves to the next level.

If you’re seeking enhanced coverage throughout any activity, go for the mesh vests. These have a long-length design; they are loose-fitting and coupled with dropped armholes to provide room to breathe, even between workouts. The mesh vents provide ventilation and inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria which is a huge plus.

If owning simple, long-lasting and sustainable outfits is more your scene, opt for the rib vests. It’s an environmentally conscious and sustainable clothing range made using renewable materials. In addition, the rib vests offer a racerback design with a cute cropped length which can be super flattering!

 Why proper gym clothes can make a difference

Your choice of workout clothes can make a huge difference! More than just being appealing, workout clothes should be selected for their ability of being more flexible, sweat-absorbing, stretchable and comfortable. It’s best to choose clothes that feel good while working out so that the focus remains on the exercise and not on the attire!

It’s also good to choose your workout clothes based on the workouts you do. Remember, your performance in the gym may get affected if your attire is loose. Your attention will get diverted. Besides, if you find that washing your sportswear before the next workout session is problematic ; it’s advisable to get an extra pair.

Guidelines to choose the right workout clothes

Ensure the design of your exercise clothes allows for more movement rather than restricting your movements. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when selecting clothes for working out:

Think wicking :Opt for breathable synthetic fabrics that wipe the sweat away from your skin. Clothing made out of fabric containing polypropylene or similar fabric is an ideal choice for exercise and other activities for which there are chances of sweating a lot. Go for gym tops made from stretchy and fitted fabrics that wick away sweat.

Consider Cotton : Cotton clothes absorb sweat and help evaporate sweat. Above all, cotton clothes can help the body breathe.

Avoid fabrics that don’t allow your skin to breathe: Avoid wearing rubber-based or plastic-based materials that retain sweat. These kinds of fabrics also keep the body temperature higher during a workout.

Get the right fit : Pick your clothing based on the activities you usually perform. For activities like running or biking, avoid wide-leg or loose pants that can get tangled. Always check the fitting of your gym wear. It should not hamper your movements.

Change according to seasons : Wearing appropriate clothes is a necessity if you take part in seasonal sports or outdoor exercises. Wear cool and comfortable clothes during the summer. During winter, keep sweat-wicking clothing for the inner layer and wear an insulating layer on top of that.

 Benefits of wearing the right workout clothes

  • Right athletic clothing boosts confidence
  • Protects and prevents injuries
  • Improves freedom of movement
  • Offers breathability to the body
  • Reduce soreness in the muscles
  • Provides comfort and helps to stay sweat-free
  • Offers a stylish look in the gym or while working out
  • Compression wear aids in recovery and improves blood circulation
  • Regulates and controls body temperature
  • Gets you in the mood to workout
  • Makes you feel more enthusiastic and positive about exercising

Tips to look good in your gym clothes :

  • Try to mix and match your clothes
  • Get the right shoes
  • Follow gym etiquette and dress up
  • Keep up with seasonal trends
  • Wear clothes that complement your body
  • Prioritise comfort while picking your workout clothes
  • Keep a bag to stuff in sweaty clothes
  • Grab a towel to clean up after a workout session
  • Use weight training gloves. They can come handy for a hardcore workout

Things to avoid wearing to the gym :

  • Workout clothes that are 100 percent cotton
  • Worn out shoes and flip-flops
  • Flashy jewellery
  • Clothes that are too tight
  • Baggy or loose clothes

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