Staying Healthy When Recovering from Hip Replacement Surgery

Many people may think that playing tennis in an attempt to recover from hip replacement is crazy. However, many patients of hip surgery find that they play tennis during their rehabilitation. This allows them to exercise while being monitored by their physical therapist and, of course, by their hip specialist. In addition, playing tennis will help you achieve your overall goal of being fit and healthy and achieve goals in your personal life.

The hip is the center point of movement and the most significant muscle in the body. It helps with rotation and a lot of other movements. As you get older, hip problems may occur, and this will lead to decreased function. This can be very painful for the patient.

For some patients, simply having the ability to walk without pain is enough for them to feel better. You will want to talk with your doctor about a reasonable expectation when it comes to activity. When you first get your x-rays after your hip replacement surgery, the physical therapist may want to put you on a stationary bike to start you out. Once you can move around without restriction, you can increase the amount of time you spend on the bike.

If you are going to be playing tennis, you will need to do hip replacement exercises at the beginning. You will want to do these before you ever set foot on a tennis court. It would be best if you did this twice a day. To start, start with very low repetitions and high intensity for about five minutes. Then, progress slowly as you continue to work on your hip muscles. By the time you are up in level eight of the backhand side of the court, you should be ready to try something more challenging.

Another thing you will need to do is strengthen the quadriceps at the base of your hips—quadriceps help stabilize your body and help drive your racket with power. Unfortunately, if you have been injured, your quadriceps will not be able to function correctly. Therefore, it would be best if you also focused on strengthening the hamstring muscle group.

Another way to enhance your hip replacement recovery & tennis game is to take a hot bath each day. This will help to relax and loosen up the muscles. In addition, this will help to get the blood circulating throughout your body. Also, if you are stiff during play, taking a cold shower will help ease the tension. The cold water will break down any inflammation that may be present as well.

If you are going to be doing a lot of running, you should start to increase your run time. When you grow your run time, you will find that your leg muscles will become stronger. These leg muscles will be a lot more likely to continue to help you push yourself during your tennis games. It will also help if you can do some leg lifts. These will also help to strengthen your legs and prevent them from getting weak during play.

You should maintain a good diet when you are going through hip replacement recovery & tennis. The right foods will help you to make your hip replacement surgery go more smoothly. It will also be essential to give your body the proper nutrients that it needs to help your muscles grow and repair themselves. Eating a healthy diet will be critical for hip replacement recovery & tennis games. You will need to pay close attention to these two things if you are looking to maintain your hip replacement recovery.

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