Common Pet Funeral Service Ideas For Your Furry Friend’s Passing

Countless pet owners are now planning and looking for pet funeral services after their furry friends pass away, and this growing trend is a testament as to just how much of a significant role pets have on all of our lives.

Everyone wants to honor their pets and celebrate their memory in meaningful ways, but a lot of people are naturally confused about celebrating the lives of their pets. The pet funeral services urbana ohio experts at Walter & Lewis Funerals have provided the following list of funeral service ideas for pet owners to keep in mind.

So if you’re currently planning your furry friend’s funeral ceremony, keep the following ideas in mind:

Host a Pet Funeral

Whether you’re planning an elaborate ceremony or simply burying your pet in your backyard, it’s a great honor to plan a funeral for your furry friend. But what exactly should you say at a pet funeral?

This is fully up to you. You can express how much you’ll miss your pet, recite prayers, and encourage friends and family to share stories. There are many different directions that you can go with a pet funeral, so it’s best to go with the ideas that speak personally to you.

Create a Memorial For Your Pet

Another popular pet funeral idea is to create a memorial for your furry friend, which can be like a memorial location that commemorates your pet.

This could be a planted garden, a backyard bench, or a memorial placard in a special spot where you’d like to always remember your pet. You can also host a small gathering at your memorial to celebrate your pet’s life and legacy.

Build a Pet Altar

Another idea to honor your pet that has passed away is to create a designated space in your home that’s dedicated to their memory. This can mean placing photos of your pet around their urn, or hanging their collar up on your bookshelf or wall.

Pet altars can come in many different forms, but they’re always very nice ways to remind you of your deceased pet on a daily basis.

Visit Your Pet’s Favorite Place

Another fun way to commemorate your pet is to visit their favorite places. Round up your friends and family and plan a trip to a spot that was special to your pet.

This could mean going to the dog park, walking along the beach, hiking up a mountain, having a picnic, and so much more. Going to these memorable locations will help you feel closer to your pet, which can go a long way to provide you with a sense of peace.

Spread Your Pet’s Ashes in a Special Place

While you’re visiting one of your pet’s favorite places, consider spreading their ashes in these meaningful locations.

This can be a great location for a pet funeral service, and you can combine the spreading of the ashes with speeches and other ceremonial acts. Spreading your pet’s ashes is a great way to find closure, and you should make sure that you’re following local regulations regarding ash spreading.

Create & Share a Memorial Video

Another great pet funeral idea is to create a memorial video with pictures and clips of your pet. This type of video can also include messages from your friends and loved ones, and it can be a collaborative way for everyone to express their condolences.

Once your memorial video is ready, invite your loves ones together to watch the video and celebrate your pet’s incredible life.

Plan a Celebration of Life Ceremony

Just because you’re experiencing a time of mourning doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your pet’s life in a positive way. Celebration of life ceremonies are usually very different from traditional funerals, and they’re a great idea for your pet’s funeral service.

Decorate your space with pictures of your pet, play some music, and encourage everyone to share their stories about your pet. This approach allows you to be more relaxed and enjoy the funeral—all while positively remembering your pet’s life.

Plant a Garden or Tree

Another beautiful way to commemorate your pet is to create new life via planting a garden or tree in their name.

Ask your family and friends to help you dig holes, lay soil and plant seeds for a rose garden, vegetable patch, or maybe an apple tree. Over time, you’ll see how tending to these plants will provide you with a wholesome healing as you simultaneously foster growth within your life.

Reach Out to Walter & Lewis Funerals When You Need Pet Funeral Services in Urbana Ohio

Pet owners have many options available to them when they’re interested in pet funeral services, and the good news is that there are many funeral experts who help pet owners with these types of ceremonies.

One of the top-rated pet funeral service providers is Walter & Lewis Funerals based in Urbana, Ohio. You can learn more about preparing your pet’s funeral service when you speak directly with their team by going through the hyperlink located at the top of this article!

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