Common Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques 

A smile lights your face and eyes, but with teeth issues, people hardly beam. People choose cosmetic dentistry, which deals with teeth, mouth, and smile appearance. It is a subjective procedure instead of an essential one. A professional cosmetic dental surgeon can transform your teeth structure and give the desired smile.

Some common dentisterie esthétique [cosmetic dentistry] procedures are simple and the remaining are complex. You can visit The Portland Dental Center in Sherbrooke. There is a team of eleven dentists, who have been helping patient’s quality dental care, since 1974.

Indirect fillings

These fillings are also called inlays and outlays. The inlay or outlay is recommended for mild to moderate tooth decay. However, the tooth cusps must not be damaged, so that the inlay gets directly positioned on the tooth surface. If the tooth cusps are damaged, then on-lay is used to cover the entire surface of the tooth.

The dental lab makes the inlays and outlays from resin material. Adhesive dental cement helps to fix it to the teeth. Outlays and inlays restore tooth shape, strengthens it, and avoids further deterioration.

Teeth whitening

It is a common cosmetic dentistry procedure, which gets performed at the dental clinic or even at home. Plaque, tartar, and stains get cleaned from the tooth surface in the whitening procedure. A tooth bleaching allows getting lighter shade than its original color.

Over time, teeth get stained from food, smoking, beverages, and medication. Bleaching allows coating the teeth with whiteness. Toothpaste is available to get the same effect at home in a couple of weeks.

Composite bonding

When a damaged, discolored, or a decayed tooth needs repair, it gets done with material similar to your tooth enamel. Composite bonding is the material dentist uses to fill after cleaning the decayed tooth. The material gets properly sculpted before curing with a high-intensity light. It is called bonding. The tooth damage gets covered and you get to see a healthy tooth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are designed from medical-grade ceramic. They are customized for every patient to resemble their natural teeth. The look is realistic. It can cover an array of cosmetic issues ranging from damaged enamel to crooked or cracked teeth to noticeable gaps within teeth. The veneer is applied in front using dental adhesive.


It is the best option for tooth loss replacement. A small titanium screw gets inserted within the jaw of the missing tooth site that supports the crown. The implants are indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth. As soon as the supporting tissue and the bone get fused to the implant, it gets permanently secured.

Cosmetic dentistry procedure does not mean you must ignore oral hygiene, it is most critical all life!

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