How to Talk to your Doctor about Using Medicinal Cannabis

Talking to your physician about medical marijuana is not always easy. However, you may have to do it to alleviate your symptoms. When discussing the topic with your doctor, here’s how you can make the conversation a smooth as possible:


Ensure you are informed about medicinal cannabis and how it could help you in managing your condition and the symptoms associated with it. Start by taking the time to understand your condition and its effect on you. If you have a chronic disease such as osteoporosis, understand its impact on your daily life and how cannabis can help with the symptoms.

Show that you are Serious about your Intension

Your doctor has to see you are serious about using medical marijuana. The substance has a lot of legitimate medicinal benefits. But, do not use these benefits to try to get a prescription from your doctor to access marijuana legally. Your doctor will determine your eligibility to get your mmj card in Phoenix and write you a recommendation if you are qualified.

Be Transparent

This is important to build a good relationship with your physician. Try to be as honest as possible about the reasons marijuana might help you and open up about your previous drug use, if applicable. Also, talk to the doctor about a certain cannabis or cannabis product you might find useful. Your transparency will help your physician understand how you plan to use the substance for managing your condition.

Consider the Right Kind of Medical Cannabis for You

Medical cannabis does not have to be always smoked to get its benefits. That is why you should learn about other cannabis products such as topicals, concentrates, and edibles and pick the one that suits you. Present your idea to the doctor.

Ask Questions

Ask questions about your doctor’s opinion on medicinal marijuana and whether they have prescribed it before to other patients. Although your doctor is likely to voluntarily talk about this experience, do not hesitate to ask follow-up questions that can help you understand related things. As your doctor assess your stand and condition, they will discuss important things with you to justify whatever decisions they have in terms of your plan to use medical cannabis.

Keep in mind that the perception of cannabis is changing. This means that doctors today are more open to the use of the drug than before. Keep these handy tips in mind when deciding to talk to your doctor about it.

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