Clearing Your Doubts about Whether Stem Cell Therapy is Effective for Nerve Regeneration

Any kind of nerve damage plays havoc in a person’s life. The treatment is a bit complicated and takes considerable time as well. Hence, medical science professionals are always seeking new effective treatment for curing nerve damage. One such effective way is stem cell therapy.

Firstly, know about the nerve damage and its symptoms:

It can be any type of nerves like motor nerves, sensory nerves or autonomic nerves. They all control various kinds of functions in the body. If the nerves aren’t able to stimulate the functions of the body then physically you are unable to continue your daily activities smoothly. This is the reason for adapting the best treatment for rectifying the nerve health issues.

Today, there are ample treatment options available all promising to be the best to treat the nerve damage. The latest among the many is stem cell therapy. Now, you must be wondering does stem cell therapy work for nerve damage.

Here is the good news about the effectiveness of stem cell therapy:

  • It is the best aid to enhance tissue regeneration.
  • The mesenchymal stem cells and Schwann cells are regenerated in the patient’s body. These are usually present in bone marrow cells and fatty tissues of the body. Once they have multiplied, it gets injected in the region of the damaged nerve cells. Their presence helps in formation of new neuron cells. Gradually, the body adapts to produce new neuron cells systematically.

  • The health issues creating the nerve cell damage vary and cause ill effects on any nerves. Some result in complicated issues as every nerve cell has peculiar properties. Mostly the stem cell therapy as great positive effect on peripheral nerve cells as they are able to regenerate new cells once they are healed to back to perform their multi task functions.
  • The injected cells reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokine and enhance the formation of anti – inflammatory cytokines. This aids in having relief from pain and soon the whole body system starts functioning properly.
  • The most beneficial feature is there are negligible side effects to endure.

However, the time taken for complete treatment and its effects vary for each patient. It is because every patient health issue is differ and their medical history as well. You can avail such effective therapies from well-known health care faculty such as National Stem Cell in Houston and Miami. You can have the contact details from their website,

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