4 Things to Know When taking Edible Marijuana 

Edibles are some of the most popular means to ingest marijuana for medicinal purposes due to their smoke-free and ease of consumption nature. They are food products that contain cannabis and can come in the form of chocolates, baked goods, and beverages.

Given cannabis for medical use is still a relatively new concept, most users are yet to establish various facts. Here are some of the crucial things to know when taking marijuana edibles for medication.

  1. Marijuana edibles have medicinal value 

After being regarded as illegal for so long, there is always the concern of whether marijuana really has any medicinal value. Well, if you are the doubting user, then there’s no need to worry any longer, it’s good for you health. Various studies have established marijuana to be useful in treating various conditions. That is why it is approved for use in the medical fraternity.

Some of its use in medication include; pain relief and management, relaxation and anxiety relief, muscle spasm control, antiseizure effects and appetite loss.

The marijuana edible works like any other marijuana ingested through smoking or vaping.

  1. Edibles are not for everyone 

Even though the edibles come with medicinal value, they are not for everyone. It is therefore important that you speak to your doctor to understand how to use the edibles. The doctors will diagnose your condition then offer the best solution. Look for a doctor approved by the state to offer marijuana-based medications.

The edibles can also not be best for you depending on your immediate medical need. Smoking and vaping come with faster yet short term effects. Edibles on the other hand take time before the effects manifest while lasts longer. Therefore, for immediate needs like headache and pain-relieving, edible is not the best option.

  1. Start with a low dose 

The cardinal rule to using cannabis is to start low and progress with time. Even for medical use, you will still feel high when you use marijuana. You don’t want to start on the higher side when you don’t know how to handle the effects. It even gets hard when you use edibles given the long-lasting effects.

Starting low allows you to monitor the body reaction to help you find the right dosage. You can then increase the level as you become more experienced. The ideal value to start with is 5mg of THC or below.

Every medical marijuana comes in labelled containers. Read it carefully for the right dosage.

  1. Know what to do if you overindulge 

As a beginner user, there is the risk of taking more of the marijuana than you can handle. So, what happens when you find yourself in a trance after taking too many edibles? Nothing really, the way through is to keep calm.

There is no real medically proven way to get rid of excess THC on the body. By calling for emergency service, you will only be spending too much money for nothing. Instead, don’t panic and try to sleep it off.

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