How To Heighten Your Marijuana Smoking Experience

With the outdated mindset of marijuana being ‘bad’ slowly fading away, many people have now become more receptive to its use. The euphoric effect after a 420 session is indeed worth it all. And the good thing is that with more states legalizing its use, there is no need to hide anymore while smoking your joint.

To heighten your 420 experience, here are some 5 things that you can do:

  1. Buy good quality marijuana

Before you even think of other ways to enjoy your pot session, you need to buy good quality marijuana. The quality of what you smoke has a significant impact on the whole experience. You can get good quality strains from a reputable online dispensary near you.

  1. Find the right spot

Do you want to smoke your weed outside or indoors? Find a spot that you will enjoy your joint peacefully without being disrupted or disrupting anyone else. If you prefer watching your favorite comedy show while smoking, then an indoor setting would work perfectly. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the cool breeze and watch the sunset while smoking, your backyard would be ideal.

  1. Invite a few friends

You probably have a friend or two who also enjoy smoking marijuana. Having them around and enjoying a few joints together will, without a doubt, make the session memorable. You will have some good laughter and make memories together.

  1. Have some food with you

We all know how hunger pangs strike after a proper weed session. Having food around will save you the hustle of having to cut short your session to get food.  Cook a good meal or even order some food online for you to indulge in during the session.

  1. Hotbox

Another way to heighten your 420 sessions is by hotboxing. Hotboxing is whereby you find an enclosed space to smoke your weed, preferably a small room. The space will then be filled with a cloud of marijuana smoke hence maximizing its effect. Now imagine hotboxing together with your cool pals; it takes the whole experience a notch higher for sure. You can do this in your room, garage, or even in your car.

  1. Play some good music

Smoking a few puffs while listening to your favorite genre your music is something you need to try in your next session. They say music is food for the soul, and true to it, you will get to experience it while hitting your blunt. As you listen to the music while high on the good stuff, you can also dance to the rhythm of the song.

  1. Have your weed supplier on call

Can you imagine having a bomb marijuana session with your group of friends only for the weed to get finished in the middle of it? To avoid such disappointment, have your weed supplier on call. Living in a digital era, you can search for ‘recreation dispensaries near me and get to order from a reputable store. Online dispensaries will deliver right at your doorstep within the shortest time possible, enabling you to enjoy fully.

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