Feminine Selfcare

Self-care for women is an essential element of their health wellness. It is a process of establishing and maintain health and preventing illness. It encompasses general and personal hygiene, nutrition, socio-economic factors, environmental factors, and self-medication. In our current society, women are required to put their own needs aside and put everyone else first. This often leads to stress, depression, discontentment, and other health issues. Treating yourself the same way you treat others or even better will make you more tuned to your needs and goals. You begin to love and honor your health wellness and become more generous to yourself. Self-care starts by being a better friend to yourself and your body.

Many women lack sufficient access to imperative healthcare and are still struggling with managing stigmatized sexual and reproductive health problems. Empowering women through self-care education enables them to access information and services and make informed decisions on what best works for them. Over the centuries, new technologies and scientific understanding have enhanced childbirth techniques, contraceptives, improved surgeries, and other beneficial health practices.

Technology and self-care

Technological advancement has enabled people to live healthier, safer, and longer lives. The support of solid healthcare systems and motivated care providers has contributed significantly to individuals and society’s health wellness. For instance, after a successful rhinoplasty Istanbul aesthetics surgery, patients can go back to their lives within 5-7 days. This is made possible by the use of modern technological equipment. The fast-paced technology has worked best for modern medicine, for example in dentistry, Dental Implants Turkey has been developed as an alternative to traditional protheses. The dental implant treatment has enabled many women to achieve their desired health and cosmetic features.

Women’s ability to own their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is an expression of their rights to self-determination. Diverse and improved healthcare options facilitate women’s autonomy and power over their SRH and expand the various available alternatives. The availability of acceptable and feasible practices and products that promote self-care has enabled health systems and primary caregivers to trust women in many areas of their care. Simple tests and treatments, mobile technology, and care devices have enhanced self-care, especially for women. Breast Augmentation Turkey is a perfect example of safe breast enlargement procedures and supplements that women can carry out at home to achieve their desired breast sizes. Breasts are vital body parts that boost every woman’s and young girl’s confidence and the need to look feminine.

Women self-care and autonomy

 The healthcare system can support women self-care strategies through:

  • Advocating and raising awareness on the advantages of SRH self-care.
  • Invest in the development of accessible self-care products and practices.
  • Ensuring availability of high-quality self-care practices related to SRH.
  • Providing accurate and evidence-based information on websites and social media platforms.


Promoting self-care for women and girls, especially in SRH, enables them to create their health assets. Effective SRH self-care is founded by providing accurate, accessible information, affordable technologies and products, and trained primary caregivers. The practices and concept of self-care appeal to many women and a growing range of outlets and information sites have allowed for self-directed and motivated access. New technological developments have provided an opportunity to improve health and wellness for many women.

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