Staying away from infections during monsoon

Seasonal changes are accompanied by changes in the atmosphere.Maximum and minimum temperatures vary throughout the day. These abnormal temperature fluctuations and humid conditions during monsoon give rise to viruses and bacteria.

Infections are therefore on the rise in such climatic conditions.It becomes important to care for oneself.But how to stay away from infections? Simple techniques of hygiene need to be followed.Regular hand-wash needs to be practicedwith antibacterial soap.

Let us discuss some insights on how to stay away from diseases during monsoon.

  • Repetitive hand wash

Epidemics and pandemics spread because of viruses and bacteria.Washing of hands becomes very important because as found by experts viruses gather on hands very quickly. We use hands to consume food, water, and perform other important activities such as cooking and cleaning.The best way to preventthe transfer of viruses from hands to your mouth is to wash your hands frequently.Be it elders or children washing hands should be a mandatory activity in every household to keep good health free from germs and infections.

  • Why Antibacterial soap is important to wash hands?

You may use perfumed or colored soap to wash hands but that will not suffice the purpose.Antibacterial soaps destroy the pathogens, viruses, or bacteria settled on the hands and help in preventing the spread of the disease.

  • These soaps are specially formulated to keep germs away and provide protection.
  • They are infused with skin-nourishing components like aloe vera to moisturize the skin.
  • Antibacterial soaps kill the virus and bacteria on the hands and other body parts.
  • They not only stop you from catching infections but also prevent spreading the infections through skin contact.
  • Importanceof hygiene

Hygiene can be broadly classified in two ways:

  • Personal hygiene – Personal hygiene starts from hands, tooth, nails, ears, eyes, and various parts of the body. Hand hygiene is one of the most important things that need to be taken care of during monsoon. Hands are widely exposed to germs thus becomes the major source of germ carriers. You can make use of hand sanitizers to keep your hands clean..
  • Home hygiene –Why sparkling homes are adored by everyone? Not only do they look good but also because they are free from germs and bacteria. Monsoon makes the walls moist and gathers fungi and germs on walls. Multi-purpose sprays spread the good aroma and energize the home space while disinfecting the walls and space.

Apart from these, there are many other areas where hygiene is important such as shower rooms and toilets,kitchens that are likely to generate thousands of germs in no time, especially during monsoon season. Good hygiene practices help to stay away from infections during monsoon.

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