Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Health

All hair is not created equal. Some of us have frizzy hair. Some of us have super thin hair. And some of us have curly locks!

We are all wanting to get the best shampoo and conditioner available to perfectly compliment our hair. And it is not always the match made in heaven we hoped it would be! However, once you do find that perfect match, the chances are that you will never want to bid ways with it.

Your shampoo and conditioner is something that you need to be fussy with. Your hair is a massive part of your identity, and you don’t want to deprive it of the natural lusciousness it deserves!

We are all on board when it comes to a skin care routine that ensures our skin stays healthy, glowing, and wrinkle-free. We are dedicated to being consistent with our selected products and willing to invest in the best skin care routine out there. So don’t we want to do the same thing for our hair? Shouldn’t we be willing to invest in a premium hair care routine with products that we are confident are making our hair as healthy as possible?

As we said earlier, not all hair is created equally. So here are our recommendations for each type of hair and why we think it is the best for your hair health.

  1.     If you have damaged hair

Whether it is because of too much time in the sun and saltwater or too many years of using blow dryers and curling irons, your hair can become damaged. But it is not all doom and gloom on the hair front. Get shampoo and conditioner that revives the damage and gets the silkiness back. There are a range of shampoos and conditioners that are designed to repair the damage, strengthen your locks, and keep your head of hair hydrated to prevent any future damage.

  1.     If you color your hair

Because hair is such a huge portion of people’s identity, it is common that we experiment with colors and dye our hair. This is a totally fine thing to do but does heighten the risk of drying out our locks from frequently changing colors. Luckily there are special shampoos and conditioners made for people who do color their hair and will really make the dye job vibrant and beautiful. So no more needing to worry about dull grey hair! This special type of shampoo and conditioner has got you sorted!

  1.     If you only want to use natural products

We live in a world that is encouraging sustainability and eco-conscious decisions. Luckily, there are many brands that make shampoo and conditioners completely sustainable and only use natural ingredients such as castor oil or coconut oil. Your hair will not be touched with chemicals and look beautiful with naturally made products for natural looking hair! These products work incredibly well and offer an amazing way of getting your hair the nutrients they crave in an organic way.

  1.     If you want to be extra sustainable

Some shampoos and conditioners come in forms where there is literally zero waste used, including the packaging! If being sustainable weighs heavy on your heart, try getting shampoo and conditioner products that come in a solid bar form with biodegradable packaging. Again, these shampoos and conditioners use natural products that make your hair feel super soft while also giving you peace of mind you are doing your part to save the world.

  1.     If you suffer from dandruff

Don’t be ashamed, many people suffer from this problem! If dandruff is an ongoing problem for you, consider getting shampoos that use a apple cider vinegar base and conditioners that have soothing essential oil elements. The combination of these will help heal your scalp and ensure that you are not leaving white pesky flakes everywhere you go! Plus, these shampoos and conditioners tend to smell extra delicious.

  1.     If your hair is curly

Those with lovely locks need shampoo and conditioner that give their hair a little extra bounce. This means that the products tend to be lighter and prevent your curls from getting frizzy. These special products help create a luscious curl that makes managing the mane a whole lot easier. These products also only need a little bit of use to make a huge impact.

  1.     If your hair is short

There is nothing worse than having short hair that doesn’t dry the way you want it to! The trick is getting shampoo and conditioner that has been made with short hair in mind. The ingredients are suited to ensure that your hair will dry with a natural look you are happy with because those with short hair don’t want to fluff around with doing their hair every day.

There are so many shampoos and conditioners that are made with a specific type of hair in mind. Do your research and find the ones that are best suited for you! 

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