How to pick the right cannabis strain

Are you a marijuana beginner? Or, do you want to explore different strains in a more fan and objective way? Well, there are hundreds of cannabis strains scattered all over the globe. Each strain is unique in its own way and can result in varying recreational or medicinal effects. However, before picking a particular strain, you must first hunt a reputable Cannabis Dispensary so that quality isn’t compromised. Remember, not everyone in the industry grows their plants in strict compliance with regulatory measures. For instance, a grower must use organic products that are free of heavy metals and other toxins.

Other factors that you can consider include reviews and location. Google Maps can help you find the nearest dispensary around you. You can leverage voice search as it is fast and efficient. All you need to do is utter a question like, “what are the Recreational Dispensaries Near Me?”

So, how do you pick the right strain that will match your needs and expectations? What do you consider before you walk to that dispensary? Well, here are some tips:

  • Research different strains

As noted, there are several strains, and more are yet to be documented or discovered. Before you make your way into a dispensary, it will help if you get acquitted with notable strains in your region to make objective inquiries. You might also want to learn how different strains work and affect the body. For instance, some strains can help you manage anxiety while others induce sleep.

  • Pick the right chemotype

Chemotype is the ratio of THC: CBD. Different strains have varying types of chemotype based on their genetics. There are three different types of chemotypes, including THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, and Balanced. In THC-dominant, THC concentration is higher than that of CBD. In CBD-dominant, CBD concentration is higher than that of THC. Balanced chemotype has equal CBD: THC concentration.

  • What is your tolerance level?

Another important factor to consider is an individual’s tolerance level. It wouldn’t be fun if enjoying a joint makes you feel like your mind is blowing. If you have a high tolerance level, a strain with higher THC levels will do you good. Conversely, if your tolerance level is low, higher CBD concentration strains sound like a good plan.

  • Which smell do you prefer?

What aroma profile do you subscribe to? Different strains have varying smells, and it’s up to you to decide what you prefer. Do you want a fruity aroma? What about a rich earthly smell? You can make inquiries at the dispensary for diverse aroma.

  • Availability

Lastly, you might want to consider the availability of a particular strain before getting used to it. The last that you want is walking into a dispensary for a whole week, and the management is nowhere near restocking your favorite strain. Moreover, not all strains that you’ll see online will be available in your locality. As noted, strains vary with different regions depending on climate, soil profile, and pollination.

After finding a strain that fits your needs, you’ll appreciate the beauty of marijuana. It is important to understand that the above considerations apply to any type of marijuana, whether recreational or medical.

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