Can Alcohol or Drug Abuse be One of The Reasons that Affect The Child Custody?

When it comes to a child’s custody, we know that the court will always look for the betterment of a child. His health, safety, and welfare will always be checked well before custody is given to any parent. So, when you talk about alcohol use, a casual or an infrequent use will not be a problem, but if you are addicted to it then the case will surely be affected.

Substance abuse is a very difficult condition that needs to be taken care of at an early stage.

If any of the parents are under the influence of this substance then he or she may make certain unwanted decisions for their kid that will affect the life of the kid in some way.

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Does Alcohol Rehab Affect Custody?

It is very normal that parents who are into substance abuse can change the decision regarding their child’s custody. if any of the parents have a problem and the court is convinced that it can pose a danger to the kid then that parent will have a higher chance of losing custody.

So, if you are one parent who is worried for your kid, and the other one is a drug or an alcohol abuser then you will have to prove his condition in front of the court. You need to gather all the proof against him and then present it in front of the court to prove the existence of substance abuse in the other parent.

Remember your kid’s future will depend on your well-being. Thus, make sure that you give them a good life.

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