A Perfect Gift For Valentine’s Day: Book A Spa Package!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to find a gift that your beloved will love and enjoy. Instead of selecting a generic gift, how about buying a couple spa package this year? Spas and wellness centers offer the much-needed break that city dwellers need, and regardless of age, most adults enjoy such experiences. Many known spas, such as, have ready packages for Valentine’s Day that couples can enjoy, and here’s more on the things you need to know.

Consider visiting a Nordic spa

In case you didn’t know, Nordic spa is based on thermotherapy, which is all about alternating hot and cold sessions. Most spas allow couples to first enjoy a hot bath experience, followed by a dip in outdoor pool, and you can follow this up with a Swedish massage. Swedish massage with your partner can be an enticing experience of sorts, which typically lasts for at least 60 minutes, and if you want to take it to the next level, you can combined thermal therapy with 90 minutes of massage of your choice.

Check for special packages

Depending on the type of spa you choose, you can get combined packages for Valentine’s Day. This may include drinks, brunch, desserts and other inclusions like towels, bathrobes and lockers. Basically, you can turn the special day into a day of indulgence, where you both can take part in activities that will ease tension and promote wellness and good health. If your partner is into gym sessions or sports, you can even consider a Thai massage.

Tips to note

Valentine’s Day is considered to be a special day, so chances are high that most spas and wellness centers will be booked for the entire day. As such, make sure that you book in advance and select a package that works best for you and your partner. Some spas have special price deals, which are only applicable during a certain time of the day, so check for that. It is a good idea to visit at least 30 minutes in advance, because for treatments and hot baths, you might need to fill up a few forms. Try and included some other services, which can  be beauty treatments and facials, so that you can spend at least half a day together at one of the destination spas.

A getaway with your spouse or partner on the day of love is worth every penny spent.

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