Should You Replace Eyeglasses With Contact Lenses? Find Here!

There are three very obvious choices for correcting vision problems– eyeglasses, contact lenses (fondly also called just contacts), and surgery. The last option is expensive, and to many, eyeglasses are anything but aesthetically appealing. Contact lenses have been around for the longest time, but in the last decade or so, options have increased and become more accessible and affordable.

This brings us to the main question – Should you consider contact lenses? To be fair, there is no one answer for that. Some people are just more comfortable with eyeglasses, and factors like lifestyle, convenience, comfort are aspects to consider. If you are considering contact lenses and want to find eye doctor near me, consider these pros and cons before taking the call.

Advantages at a glance

The obvious advantage of contact lenses is perfect, corrected vision, without looking nerdy with eyeglasses. For most people, contacts are a great alternative to glasses, simply because of aesthetics. In comparison to eyeglasses, you can rely on contacts better when it comes to vision. The best part is the range of options available. From hard contacts to soft, disposable contact lenses, there are many categories and price points to choose from. Today, if you have astigmatism, you can go for toric lenses, and the list goes on.

On the flip side

Contact lenses are high on maintenance. You cannot just use lenses as easily as eyeglasses. People who don’t like contacts are those who have a problem with cleaning and disinfecting lenses. Contact lenses, if not used as recommended or in case hygiene is compromised, many pose an increased risk of corneal infections. Also, lenses are prone to harbouring bacteria, and therefore, there is a higher risk of other infections.

Final word

To know what may work better for you, talk to an experienced eye specialist or ophthalmologist. Visit an eye clinic, and ask questions related to use and handling of contacts. You may also want to buy a test pair of lenses, given that soft contact lenses are not that expensive. Your doctor will recommend contacts based on your vision problems. Budget and other factors, like your lifestyle, will further help in narrowing down the options. For example, if you swim regularly, you may have to wear eyeglasses anyway or have to consider surgery at some point.

Take appropriate advice from a known eye expert and try contact lenses once to know if you are convenient with the option.

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