For many beginners, smoking marijuana comes with a burning throat, clumsy attempts to inhale the smoke, and the inability to determine how long to pull the smoke. Even for experienced cannabis users, not everyone likes to smoke the buds, and people with lung problems cannot afford to smoke. Even though one can get legal recreational weed in a dispensary in 98034, the stigmatized perception of smoking is the only thing holding many people from using cannabis. Thankfully, there are many other health-friendly options for using marijuana.

Cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles are food products that contain marijuana. They provide a convenient and sweet way to consume marijuana. They come in the form of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, cookies, candies, gummies, drinks, fruits, etc. The best thing about marijuana edibles is that they are diverse, and you can find almost any cannabis-infused food product in the market today.

When consuming marijuana edibles, be conscious and start with low dosages and wait for several hours before consuming your next dose. Cannabis edibles have a delayed onset effect which can last longer than with other cannabis product types.


Another way to enjoy cannabis is to vaporize the oil at a lower temperature and vape using a vape pen. Vaporizing cannabis oil releases the active compounds in a mist, much easier in the lungs upon inhalation. You can buy a vaporizer from a dispensary that comes in the form of a vape cartridge that holds the oil and a vape pen that heats the oil and has a mouthpiece where you inhale the vapor. Vaping is an excellent way to use cannabis while on the move, and it does not produce the noticeable smell of cannabis.


Tinctures are cannabis oils consumed sublingually to offer a fast-acting effect of cannabis. Sublingually means that you place some drops of the oil below your tongue and hold them for some seconds to minutes as the blood vessels under the tongue absorb the active compounds. Tinctures offer better dosage control, and they come in a wide variety of flavors and potencies to cater to your medical needs.


Topicals are cannabis-infused balms, creams and lotions applied directly onto the skin for a localized healing effect. They are suitable for relieving pain, inflammation, and soreness. Topicals offer the healing effect of medical marijuana, and many love them because they do not have the psychoactive effects of cannabis. They are a good way to get the healing benefits of marijuana while on the move in Kirkland, Washington.

Ingestible oils

Ingestible oils refer to cannabis concentrates take orally. They come in capsules or plastic applicators. You can consume them directly or mix them with food or drinks but note that ingestible oils produce strong effects that may take a while to kick in.


In dabbing, you drop the cannabis concentrates in a heated water-pipe attachment or flash-vaporize the concentrate and inhale for more potent effects. Unlike smoking weed, dabbing produces properly refined concentrates and a clean vapor free from plant material. But it is more suitable for experienced cannabis users.


With a bit of research, you can determine the best cannabis consumption method for your needs.

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