How to Ensure a Positive Vaccination Experience for Your Child

Vaccines are extremely safe and effective. Severe reactions like allergies are rare. Mild side effects can include low-grade fever or pain at the site. But these are worth the protection they offer against mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus, whooping cough and polio. Immunization prevents 2-3 million deaths every year and prevents more than 20 life-threatening diseases. They help each child live a healthier, safer and longer life.

Two-thirds of all children show fear of needles. This usually decreases with time. However, parents must play a vital role to help overcome the trauma. This can subsequently reduce the fright of other medical procedures. Have a look at how to make ensure a positive vaccination experience for the little ones.

Ø  Prepare Them Well

The child must be fully aware of the procedure. Use a soft and reassuring tone. Answer all their queries to lessen anxiety. Tell them honestly that it will hurt a little and feel like a tiny pinch, poke or pressure. You can also say that all kids in their class take a vaccine. It makes them bold and protects against diseases. Children usually tend to pick their parents’ emotions. So, make sure you have a calm and supportive approach. Avoid false reassurance since it can keep them from believing you ever again.

Ø  Simple Exercises

Relaxing, breathing and loosening arm muscles during shots are recommended. These can reduce the pain and ensure minimal discomfort. Try to practise these at home so that the kids know what to do on the main day. The child rests assured that these are ninja techniques to deal with shots better. They are more likely to say, ‘that’s it?’ after the vaccination. You can also use numbing creams or patches. Consult the doctor beforehand.

Ø  Stay Kind and Supportive

Try to have an empathetic and assuring demeanour. Children and adults tend to process differently. So be sensitive towards their emotion rather than brushing it off. If you are scared of needles, send the other parent or another family member to the clinic. This can prevent your phobia from getting transferred to the child.

Ø  Distractions

Carry toys, books or games, says the best child hospital in Delhi. Keep your kid engaged in them while the doctor pushes the vaccine. Studies have shown that the cerebral cortex tends to process painless effectively if the child is distracted. Watching something on the screen, listening to music or having a simple conversation with you can keep them engrossed. They are more likely to stay cool and collected throughout instead of freaking out.

Ø  Celebrate the Achievement

Booster shots usually hurt quite a bit. Try to soothe and comfort the child. Recognize their efforts at getting the vaccination done. An ice cream treat, a day off from studies, playing with pets or a visit to the park can do wonders. Try to fade the memory of the session altogether. Otherwise, nightmares might be common for the following few days. Let them get plenty of sleep to wake up all fresh and happy.

The best child hospital in Delhi ensures a safe experience. But in case there is a swelling or soreness, consider oral pain medications under paediatric guidance.

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