How to Do Laser Hair Removal At Home

Laser hair removal is taking the beauty industry by storm. It should be no surprise that people want the same kind of awesome results that they can get at their dermatologist or salon in the comfort of their home. Thankfully, it is possible to do laser hair removal at home. Here are some tips for how.

Choose a High-Quality System

Don’t take any chances with your home hair removal system. Lasers are powerful and can do serious damage if not used correctly or if they are not quality. You need to be very confident that the laser hair removal wand you choose is safe and effective. Here are some things to look:

  • Safety features. Lasers can be very dangerous to your eyes, so it is essential that the one you choose will only activate when it is firmly pressed against the skin. That way, you won’t have to worry about any light escaping and damaging your eyes.
  • Easy to hold. You want a handheld unit that makes it very convenient for you to slowly move the wand across your skin in the way that is advised. You don’t want an awkward system that will make your motions jittery or uneven.
  • Long-lasting. A high-quality home unit will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, so you want to feel confident that it will last for the long term. Choose a system with at least 10 years of flashes when it is used correctly.

An extremely high-quality at home laser hair removal system can be the secret to smooth skin without ingrown hairs or sharp fuzz. Invest in a quality unit with great reviews so you’ll feel sure that you’re making the right decision for your legs.

Commit to Treatment

It will generally take between half a dozen and a dozen treatments for you to see meaningful results. Since treatments should only be conducted once a month, you may need to treat for up to a year to get the results that you’re looking for. People who skip their monthly at-home treatment or who break the rules by using some other hair removal system other than shaving while they are in the midst of treatment will not see as good of effects.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun before and after treatment from two weeks to about a month can have negative influences on the treatment and make discoloration of pigment more likely. Avoid tanning while you are doing home laser hair removal and be sure to always wear a high SPF sunscreen when you’ll be in the sun. It may be hard to sacrifice a great tan while you are doing treatment, but you’ll be glad you did when you have smooth skin and a great tan after treatment is over.

Don’t Rush Treatment

Without the supervision of a dermatologist or certified technician to observe of your laser hair removal, you may be tempted to rush things. If you tolerate hair removal well and your skin doesn’t seem to be bothered, you may want to do treatments more frequently. Rushing treatments can result in serious problems for your skin, even if they are not immediately apparent. 

Furthermore, rushing the treatment is unlikely to be effective at speeding hair removal. Laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles containing melanin, causing them to absorb light, which turns into heat and destroys the bulbous follicles. 

This is most effective when follicles are young and just producing hair. Therefore, even the most effective single treatment will only damage a certain number of hair follicles. Repeated treatments at monthly intervals are essential to effectively remove hair.

Don’t Try it if You are Not a Good Candidate

When it first came out, laser hair removal was not very effective or could be damaging to people with darker skin. As technology has progressed, it has become much more effective for people with darker skin. 

However people with very dark skin and hair the same color as their skin are unlikely to find good results with hair removal, especially at home. It is very difficult for the laser to focus on the hair instead of the skin when the color is the same.

There are no good laser hair removal options for people with very light colored hair. Even after many years of research, a solution has not been found for people with blond, red, white, or gray hair. If you have very light-colored hair, laser hair removal is not going to work for you no matter how many times you try it.

Give Laser Hair Removal at Home a Try

Laser hair removal is an excellent option for many people who want to remove hair easily and semi-permanently at home. Few options offer as thorough a success rate for as low a cost in both time and money as laser hair removal. 

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