Different ways of smoking Marijuana

As a cannabis smoker, you have an array of devices at your disposal and these include the water pipes, hand pipes, rolling papers home-made devices and hookahs. All these provide different experiences to the consumer and will influence the quantity and grade of smoke you inhale.


This is the most common cannabis smoking device in circulation and it is favored for its convenience. Hand-pipe is a small, simple to use and portable. They are available in numerous creative forms and both in functionality and decoration. The hand pipe traps the smoke from burning marijuana and then inhales it.

Water pipe

These come in different variations which include bubblers and bongs. They also come in a variety of styles and designs and become more sophisticated by involving water. Though studies are not clear on whether the water filters harmful constituents, it cools the smoke and thus makes it bearable.

Rolling papers

Most of the cannabis consumers prefer this method for its simplicity. Rolling papers are used to smoke blunts or joints. A joint is cannabis rolled in paper whose composition varies across an assortment of plants like the rice, bamboo, and hemp. Blunts on the other hand, are rolled in cigar paper which is made of tobacco plant and contains nicotine. The combined flavor of cannabis and nicotine makes blunts a preference for many consumers but the combination has some health risks that make it a no for the health-conscious consumers.


Hookah is a less common method of smoking marijuana and it’s commonly associated with smoking wet tobacco or shisha. You don’t smoke cannabis alone in a hooker because of its low water content which makes the plant burn faster than you can inhale. To get the same results as other smoking methods, you’ll need large quantities of marijuana and if you are an economically-conscious consumer, you may not want to try it.

Homemade one-time use devices

This method involves all disposable cannabis smoking devices and the most common here is a pipe whose simplicity and design takes on water pipe. The health effects of this vary are variable depending on the material and method used in assembling.


This is a logical choice for all the users; from moderate to the experienced, even the health-conscious cannabis consumers. The vaporizer produces enough temperature to extract THC and CBD from cannabis. These temperatures are too low to produce harmful toxins though. Thus, vaporization minimizes smoking health risks. The improvement reduced odor significantly something that first time users enjoy. The vaporizer models are diverse and they continue to increase a per demand and advancement in technology. Vaporizers come in different designs and their quality continues to grow. Many vaporizers take cannabis concentrates like oil and wax which can be added manually depending on the design. Concentrates vapes are common due to their mechanical simplicity and very few take flower which requires a heating element and therefore complicated.

Before you begin smoking cannabis, it’s prudent you get to understand the different ways and the one that fits you. Again, ensure you buy the cannabis product from a reputable Dispensary Denver and avoid buying the backdoor ones whose processing is questionable.

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