Vitamins You Should Take Every Day

Did you know that there are over a dozen vitamins you should be fuelling your body with every single day?

These vitamins give our body the foundations to stay healthy, functional and optimized to combat any threats that may come our way The majority of vitamins can be consumed through the diet, but often we need a little extra love with our vitamin intake and need to use vitamin subscriptions to ensure we constantly give our body what we need.

In addition to crafting a healthy and wholesome diet, taking vitamins acts as a guarantee that your body is getting what it needs no matter what else happened to you that day. It is a way to protect yourself and invest in your own personal health. It is an investment every single person should be making.

But how do you know what vitamins you need a little bit extra of? We are all different. Different bodies, different diets, and different routines! Luckily, there are ways to personalize your vitamin intake. And the best place to start is understanding which ones the average person needs.

So here are the best vitamin subscriptions to consider taking so that you can gift yourself a healthy and holistic life!

  1.     Vitamin A for growth

Without Vitamin A in our system, our cells would not be able to grow. This means that our hair, skin, and even nails wouldn’t be able to grow and replenish! While Vitamin A can naturally be consumed through foods like eggs, fish, and dairy products, taking a Vitamin A subscription will guarantee that you will have luscious hair, perfectly rounded nails, and strong skin.

  1.     Vitamin D for strength

We all need Vitamin D for a strong body. This vitamin particularly plays a huge role in keeping our bones strong and our teeth strong as well! Brittle bones and teeth won’t do us much good and can cause many more health problems! Vitamin D is an interesting one, as we can get quite a bit of it from sunshine, along with dairy and seafood products. But, there are also Vitamin D subscriptions that ensure no matter what the weather is like or what our meal plan is, our bones will be nice and strong all the time!

  1.     Vitamin E for your blood cells

Did you know that we literally need blood cells to breathe? Without red blood cells, our bodies would not be able to circulate oxygen to our muscles and organs. So it is a vitamin we certainly don’t want to be short on! Naturally, Vitamin E can be found from foods like nuts and oils. They are also available in a Vitamin E subscription so that you can assure your body oxygen circulation and also be stocked up with antioxidants to keep your immune system healthy!

  1.     Vitamin C for the immune system

There is a reason that everyone’s go-to when they feel like they are getting sick is to load up on Vitamin C—most commonly done through orange juice. The reason that Vitamin C is so important is that it provides a range of antioxidants to your immune system while also helping your body absorb iron and strengthen your body’s interior. It’s not just orange juice that Vitamin C is found in. A whole range of fruits and vegetables like melons, berries, and broccoli are packed with Vitamin C. And of course, you can really ensure your body has all the Vitamin C it needs through a Vitamin C subscription. The more the merrier with this one!

  1.     Vitamin Bs (all of them!)

There are quite a few Vitamin Bs that your body needs, eight of them to be specific! They help ensure that your digestion system works properly, keeps your metabolism on track, keeps your eyesight 20/20 and the list honestly goes on and on. You can get Vitamin Bs through a range of grains, fruits, and vegetables. But this group of vitamins is too important to not consider boosting your dosage up with a Vitamin B subscription so you know you will always be fuelled up.

While these are only the top five vitamins to ensure you take every day, you should be focussed on ensuring you get all the recommended minerals and vitamins into your system every single day. The trick to staying healthy is to practice consistency with your habits. When you get these essential vitamins through a vitamin subscription, the hard work is pretty much done for you!

This means that you don’t have to stress as much about depleting your body of key nutrients because you can have confidence that the vitamin supplements will cover you. When it comes to what ones you should specifically focus on, we always recommend having a chat with a health professional to seek out their advice and get a custom plan built for you!

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