Understanding Floatation Tank Therapy  

Floatation therapy also known as isolation tank therapy, sensory deprivation technique or R.E.S.T has become a popular health initiative that people are finding to be exceedingly rewarding. The therapy or practice revolves around individuals spending between 45 minutes to an hour an half floating in a compartment or ‘float pod’ that is filled with a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution which allow them to float without any effort (the effects of buoyancy caused by the high concentration of salt in the solution). Apart from that, even the high content of magnesium found in the Epsom salt solution which gets absorbed through our skin replenishing deficiencies has also been found to be a crucial aspect of this phenomenal therapy. The construct of a float tank mainly revolves around blotting out external stimuli that keeps us in a constant fight or flight mode is the core of the therapy as the brain is stifled from regular external responses. This isolation eases our brain into a state of deep relaxation altering the brainwave state to a level where the body functions in a sub-state.

Deep Relaxation   

The primary objective as to the use of a floatation tank is to send our entire physical and mental state into a state of deep relaxation where the ‘fight or flight’ response hardwired into most living organism is minimised. This is based on the fact that it is our senses that pick of external signals such as loud noises and bright flashes as ‘danger’ is blotted out. The subconscious mind resettles itself as it finds no threats present during the therapy and allows itself to move into a lower frequency where it (the brain) is able to focus internally. When this happens, every biological balance within us is recalibrated to function optimally. The deep state of relaxation is equivalent to what some people refer to ‘power naps’ which when the individuals come out of, feel refreshed, highly focused and ready to take on the entire world. This feeling which has been lately measured scientifically in terms of dopamine and endorphin production also enhances other biological properties which among others include the ability to heal faster and having an enhanced autoimmune system which for the most part helps most of us stay healthy. Medical professionals are still finding a range of benefits from a medical perspective that they are still trying to understand. It seems what they have uncovered thus far about float therapy is still pretty much the tip of the iceberg.

Floatation Therapy in Melbourne

There are quite a number of float spas that offer floatation tank therapy in Melbourne with treatment at affordable prices. Prices are in general subjective and usually dependent upon the location of the spa or the type of float pods that they offer. It is only natural for the service provider of floatation therapy to charge more when they use pods that are more expensive and charge less for pods that have initial costs that are low. The fact however remains that the therapy has no negative side effects and only delivers positive results for quite a number of ailments that range from insomnia right up to back problems.

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